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What I Eat in a Day Fall Edition + NEW Quinoa Oatmeal Recipe

(lively music) – To start off this morning, I made my lemon and ginger water. Usually I just have lemon, but I’ve been adding ginger in it lately just for that extra immune boosting powers because it’s cold and flu season and everyone I know is sick or battling a cold and I’m trying to […]

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Best Pumpkin Recipes – Pumpkin Chili

everybody the pumpkin right so I pumpkin always sells out or they have a shortage of it every year so that people go crazy and by their pumpkin at the grocery store so there’s none left on the shelf hey guys welcome back into my home my name is trena if you’re new here and […]

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The BEST crockpot chili | Healthy turkey chili slow cooker

I Have a healthy turkey chili recipe for you today It is Perfect for fall because it’s warm and savory and you put it in the crock-pot and it just makes the house smells so good This is only my second cooking video. So I would love any feedback from you guys in the comments […]

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