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Why Fresh Figs Burn your Mouth and Irritate Your Skin

This is John Kohler with okraw.com. I have another exciting episode for you here in my backyard next to one of my favorite fruit trees that I have and it’s right here. This is my fig tree, and these are actually some cododa figs, the green style figs. I love green style figs probably better […]

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KFC Rice Recipe | Easy 15 Minutes KFC Rice Bowl | Kun Foods

Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem, Aslam Alaikum my name is Afzaal Arshad and today we are here with very easy and delicious recipe this recipe many people like to eat rice on KFC and McDonalds these rice are called chilli crispy rice or crispy rice or spicy rice and secondly they are also called Arabian […]

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Fish Fry Recipe – Orignal Lahori Restaurant Fish Fry – Kun Foods

Bismillah Arhaman Raheem, Aslam Alaikum My name is Afzal Arshad And today we are here with a most requested recipe today we are going to make Lahori Fish which is very famoush, many people travel long way to eat this fish we will share the same recipe which is made in fampus restaurants The first […]

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