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Best Vegetarian Chili Recipe – GardenFork.TV

– Today on GardenFork a really cool recipe, butternut squash chili. Here we go. (light upbeat music) – This is kinda your classic chili. It starts with onion, carrot, some spices, and a secret ingredient, well not so secret, but a little flavor enhancer at the end that I wanna show you. Also we’re making […]

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Best Mississippi Roast Slow Cooker Recipe – GardenFork

– I’m not sure if you know this or not, but during the week my wife and I live in New York City. It’s where our jobs are. And during the week, I read The New York Times, which I think is a really good newspaper. Every Wednesday they have a Food section, and this […]

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Slow Cooker No Knead Bread Recipe – GardenFork

– Hey everyone, welcome to Garden Fork. Today, No Knead Bread in your slow cooker. Pretty neat. We’ve got a bunch of No Knead Bread videos that have been very popular but we are always cooking them in a dutch oven, right? So you heat up your dutch oven, you heat up your oven really […]

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