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Megamaster Grills: 5 Burner Gas Grill

Meet the Megamaster five-burner gas grill featuring everything you need in a grill to bring it all together. With 656 square inches of total cooking area, you’ll have plenty of room for your entree, sides and whatever else your heart desires. To fire up the grills five stainless steel burners simply turn on the gas, […]

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Comparing Blackstone vs Camp Chef Grills

– [Narrator] Hey YouTubers, I’ve got a comparison video here for everybody. This is flat-top grill versus flat-top grill. We’ve got Camp Chef on the left and Blackstone on the right. There’s 36-inch grill for Blackstone, has been re-seasoned prior to this video. Also, real quick, please excuse any of the mess in the background. […]

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Cooking on Blackstone Vs Camp Chef Grills

(sizzling) – [Reviewer] Hey, YouTubers. I got that grill comparison video here. Now this has been on here probably about five, six minutes, more maybe. I would’ve started a video a little sooner from start, but trying to keep it short so you guys can kinda see, and I don’t have a bunch of video […]

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