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How To Steam A Hot Dog

mmm-hmm, check out these steamed hot dogs! On this video, I’m going to show you a couple of different ways to steam hot dogs at home. Plus I’m going to show you the difference between dirty water dogs, which are those hot dogs that you normally get from the street vendor, I’m going to show […]

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Hot Dog Chili, Hot Dog Burritos + More For Your Next Football Tailgate

I’m here at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and I’m about to sneak up on some Rams tailgaters and cook dishes using ingredients only they brought with them. A lot of people call me the Eric Dickerson of chefs. I could tell, man we look, I could tell we look just alike! What’s up guys? […]

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Richard Blais’ Hot Dog Chili

This is chili, but it’s hotdog chili. Hotdog chili! (audience cheers) Hotdog chili. (cheering continues) We’re basically using hotdogs as you would like, ground beef. So, we have hotdog in here. We pulsed it, and basically, what we’re doing is we’re making ground hotdogs. And then, in our pot– That’s like ground beef. You’re browning […]

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