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Norwegian Fish Soup Recipe

Hi. Well, growing up on an island in Denmark surrounded by water, I ate a lot of different kinds of seafood. And today, I’m going to make a Norwegian fish soup, and I’m going to use cod and also a piece of tilapia, as well as shrimp and mussels. And, of course, I would suggest, […]

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How To Cook the Perfect Prime Rib Roast

Hey everybody, thanks for joining us here at T-ROY Cooks, we really appreciate it. We’re cooking the perfect Prime Rib Roast for you and this Prime Rib is a 10-pound USDA Prime Dry-Aged Rib Roast from Lobel’s of New York. Y’all go check them out, lobels.com. And I’m going to show you how we’re going […]

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How to Make Christmas Fry Pan Cookies

Hi I’m Erin. Christmas is just a few days away and that means its time for Christmas cookies here on the ranch. Every year we bake up a storm and deliver containers of yummy homemade goodies to our friends and neighbors. Today we get started with an old family favorite, Fry Pan Cookies on Our […]

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