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How To Replace A Cooker Or Oven Door Seal

Hi I’m Helena from AEG, and in this video I’m going to show you just how easy it is to replace the door seal on an AEG oven, cooker or steamer. Now your door seal can become damaged or maybe perished with time, so if you find that your oven’s losing heat from the front, […]

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How To Choose Cooker & Oven Buttons & Knobs

Hi. If your AEG oven or cooker has physical buttons or knobs’, then replacing lost or damaged ones is really easy — in fact on most models they should just pull on and off. You do need to make sure however that you get the correct button for your particular model, and in order to […]

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How To Choose Cooker & Oven Shelves & Trays

Hi. If you need a replacement shelf or tray for your AEG oven or cooker, then the only thing that you need to know is your oven or cookers product number. Now your product number can be found on your rating plate and on an oven, the rating plate can usually be found just around […]

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