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Real Spaghetti Carbonara | Antonio Carluccio

I am Antonio Curluccio, welcome to my kitchen. I show you how to make the real Carbonara. Most of the people they get it wrong and let me show you why. Now this is boiling water to which we add in the ration of ten grams per litre of water, salt – has to be […]

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How to cook perfect Rice| Using Rice cooker

For more visit :http://gudrecipes.blogspot.ca/ 3 cups of brown rice 1tsp salt, 4cups of water( for first boiling) Rice cooker Extra 3-4cups of water. Strainer Add 4cups of water to the rice cooker, allow to boil, then add the rice, boil for 1-2mins. Remove from heat, strain the rice. Remove from heat, strain the rice. Remove […]

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Coffee Cake Recipe In The Rice Cooker

Hello friends we are making rice cooker coffee cake. Start by adding your dry ingredients for the cake. I added flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. I found an increasing craving for coffee cake for my afternoon tea.I also wanted to do something not as sweet as the traditional cake for Ollie to eat and […]

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