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– Hello everyone welcome to sunny Portugal. This is a bit random isn’t it? But don’t worry we have been sent here for good reason. Today we are making a phenomenal Portuguese style Piri-Piri chicken. But before we dive into this recipe let me show you around this amazing villa. Got that inflatable flamingo myself, […]

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How to Make Stuffed Jalapeños | Hilah Cooking

Hey, dudes. I’m Hilah, and today on Hilah Cooking I’m making my version of stuffed jalapenos. These aren’t quite like jalapenos poppers because they’re better. They’re filled a sausage-pork mixture, and some salsa and some other super yummy stuff. They are great, and I love them, and let’s get started because I love jalapenos. First, […]

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How To Make Shepherd’s Pie | Hilah Cooking

>>Hilah: Hey dudes! What’s up? I am Hilah, and you’re watching Hilah Cooking. Today I want to show you how to make a shepherd’s pie which is like a casserole with lamb and vegetables and cheesy potato crust, and it’s really yummy, and I am really excited to show you because you are gonna just […]

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