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Blueberry Pancakes | Easy Breakfast Recipe

– Hi, I’m Lisa and this is An Appetizing Life and today I’m making the most delicious, the most fluffy, yummy blueberry pancakes ever. So let’s get started. (upbeat music) I am so happy we’re making fluffy pancakes today. Now, before I get started, you can mix these by hand or you can take a […]

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Turkey Chili Recipe

– Hey, it’s Lisa with An Appetizing Life and today I’m making a quick turkey chili. (dubstep music) To get started I’m going prep a few things first. (lounge music) Ooh, strong onions (laughing). (lounge music) (chopping) (tap) (glass tap) (rustling) (chopping) Let’s get cooking on the stove. (swoosh) So I’m using a stainless pot […]

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