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iPhone X Durability Test – Scratch BURN and Bend TESTED!

The iPhone 10 is here. Sometimes called the iPhone X – you can call it whatever you want, I’m not sure anyone knows what its real name is anymore, poor guy. Inside the box Apple was nice enough to include some headphones and an external headphone jack to replace the one they removed from the […]

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Nokia 8 Durability Test – Scratch, BURN and Bend Tested!

The Nokia 8 has arrived on my desk – the most recent flagship from Nokia. Mostly available only outside the USA. Amazon does sell a few stateside, and that’s where I got mine. Nokia is pronounced differently all over the world, but here in the USA, saying Nokia is pretty standard. This is the same […]

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How to Make Homemade Chili Recipe

everyone welcome to dish Patricia welcome to my kitchen I hope that you’re having a great day today you’re like me you’re probably rushing around and you have all these things to do and I try to get something simple and quick to make it’s like that may be chilly be a good idea because […]

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