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Rachael’s Mean Green Pulled Chicken Chili

We’re making a green chicken chili that tastes a lot like enchilada suizas, if you love that. This is a quick pulled rotisserie chicken chili with fire roasted tomatillos. Okay. It’ll be ready in literally minutes, and you know me me and my 30-minute meal routine, right? You are gonna pull chicken. Okay. One rotisserie […]

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Whole Chicken electric pressure cooker Instant Pot

hey honey where’s my super suit chicken rotisserie chicken keep it going here we go rotisserie chicken and this here is the pot coming up right now alright let’s get started so I have here this chicken this chicken was soaked in buttermilk have another chicken that I soaked in vinegar so what I want […]

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ONE POT Chicken Fajita Pasta – Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Recipe

This is another easy and quick dinner using leftover chicken,. I’m Tess and tonight I’m making a delicious one pot chicken fajita pasta. Stay tuned! I’m always looking for recipes that I can use leftover chicken. We went to Sam’s the other day and I can hardly pass up their rotisserie chicken for the price. […]

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