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Homewood Companion – cast iron cooking stove

Hi, I’m Zak! – and I’m Janie and we’d like to show you the Homewood Companion Looking good, son (laughter) Now, that is a good fire, son! Hello! I’m David, this is my son Zak and Zak’s going to run you though a demonstration of the Homewood Companion (more laughing) OKAAAAY, let’s do that again… […]

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Harvest Right🥣Freeze Dried Chili🥣 & Taste Test

hey guys thanks for tuning in It’s Retired at 40 I’m gonna try something that I’ve never tried before in the harvest right and that’s doing a soup and today I’m doing chili which is technically not really a soup but since it’s my first try I wanted to try something that had a little […]

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