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Keith Makes A Hot Sauce For Chicken

– This is so cute! – That’s a golden ghost. – Look how beautiful. That’s a ghost pepper? I found that the flavors I love the most are often buried in this thing that hurts. – [Stephen] One of the hottest peppers in the world… – My tongue is genetically inferior. – [Noah] Your brain […]

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Rice cooker Braised flavor

Rice cooker Braised flavor 3 Drumsticks, 9 Chicken wings 3 slices of ginger 250g Quail egg 150g Dried bean curd 150g Lotus root 150g Kelp 50g Soy sauce 3 Drumsticks, 9 Chicken wings 10g Vinegar 20g Bean paste 5 Dry pepper 2g Sichuan Pepper 10g Crystal sugar 3 Star anise 3 Laurel leaf 1 Cinnamon […]

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Cooking Shrimp in a Rice Cooker | Buttered Shrimp

Hi good morning nothing… we just playing now we will cook butter shrimp and it’s not on the stove, we will cook it in the rice cooker because we don’t have a stove here we fry and also cook our dish we cook rice and dish here because we don’t have a stove let’s put […]

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