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Bolivia vs Europe Over Snowden-Linked Plane Delay

the david packard champagne david back dot com welcome to the david packard showed the ever its militants are that continues the estimate we thought that edward snowden having his request for asylum rejected by a number of countries i think over over twenty wilder twenty requests he made uh… and so far most if […]

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John Cena Tells His Side of the Story About “Chopping” Sean Casey

-I know you have three nieces. Were they excited to see you in that “My Little Pony” shirt? -So, they haven’t seen me yet, and I’m like this crazy, weird mythical Uncle John… -Yeah. -…that when I show up I’m a cartoon character ’cause they see me on television and they haven’t been able to […]

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The Late NightCap: Trump Argues Impeachment Will Be Good for Him

-I gained 70 pounds for this film. -Did you really? -I mean, I gained it like 20 years ago, but… -You’re lactose intolerant! We can’t! -[ Sings operatic note ] [ Rasping ] I can’t breathe. -Okay, I trust all of you, especially you, Gloria Steinem. You’re like, “Heeey, hey.” We have taken on some […]

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