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[TF2 2016] Story How I lost my 1st Golden Frying Pan? Got Hacked!?

what’s up guys so let’s get back to the time when it all happened so let’s get back to the end of the year 2015 and it’s been a few days after Christmas actually and I somehow managed to trade up to my first golden frying pan in nearly under eight months of hard work […]

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Bazaar Bargain,Frying Pan Crit !! : Team Fortress 2

Hello Guys Welcome Back In R0BL0C Gaming……Today We are Going to Play Team Fortress 2 Oh SPY ! WOW Thats A Real Head Shoot Sh*t Sh*t My Dream Come True I Never Head Shot In First Respawn Is Montage Man 😛 Montage ! Montage Again Oh My God A Lasser ! SH*T SH*T…. Another Head […]

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