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Indonesian Mie Goreng Recipe (wok-fried egg noodles) – Pai’s Kitchen

hey everyone welcome to Pai’s Kitchen today we are gonna make yet another delicious Indonesian dish called Mie Goreng so we did nasi goreng which is fried rice a while back so today we’re gonna do “mie” and mie is noodles. So Mie Goreng simply means fried noodles so as you can imagine there are […]

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Thai Green Curry | Jamie Oliver

Guy’s were going to make Thai Green Curry This is one of my favourite curries, it’s delicious fragrant, fun to make and it’s so fast, my family love it. Were going to go, 1 cup of rice, that’s enough for 4 people And then 2 cups of water, this is the perfect equation for the […]

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How Jasmine Rice is Grown: From Paddy to Table | Mini Documentary

(lively music) Sawaddee Ka. – Welcome to a very special episode of Hot Thai Kitchen. So I just came back from a trip to Thailand, but this was not a regular trip. I was on a special mission. So the Thai Trade Center invited me, along with a couple of journalists on this fantastic trip […]

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