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Alton Brown: Cook Like a Scientist by Questioning the Status Quo

I am constantly surprised by the number of cooking rules, accepted cooking concepts that can and should be broken. And even in the time that I’ve been making shows about food I’ve had to face my own lack of imagination. I used to be a proponent of the old fill a big pot of water […]

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Tips dan Cara Membuat Bubur, Tim, Tim Saring dengan Slow Cooker

today i’m going to share how to use slow cooker to cook baby food when choosing slow cooker for cooking baby food, we love the mini-sized one. like this one, this is small and easier to use since there is only 1 button in this slow cooker, we can just put all ingredients and cook […]

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Top 10 Best chef knife

Wiki rocks best product advisor behind Amazon wiki rocks presents top 10 best chef’s knife let’s see which chef’s knife is best for you to buy starting with the list number one knife name Victorinox 8 inch 5 Brock’s pro chef’s knife 40,500 twenty forty seven thousand five hundred twenty forty five thousand five hundred […]

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