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Unboxing Singer Electric Multi Cooker MC50A

Hi! My name is Aman… Hi! My name is Azam… (Giggles..) Today we will do unboxing of a thing Azam… what is it? this is the thing! this is Electric Multi.. (tongue twist) (tongue twist) (tongue twist) Electric Multi Cooker from Singer from Singer Singer this is the cooker.. this is the cooker menu(manual) at […]

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2018 INSTANT POT DUO 6 quart 7 in 1 Multi cooker

please check out my channel Today we have an unboxing of the insta pot model number dual 6 TV 3 which is the 6 quart Now this one is a updated model for 2018 And this one? Can make yogurt as well. So that’s good You can see 10 safety mechanisms stainless steel cooking pot […]

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hi today we picked up this Pioneer Woman crock-pot it was actually an impulse purchase couldn’t resist it’s very pretty with the flowers in hand side so that’s what caught my eye and it’s an upgrade to the old crock pot that we had I actually had one that not falling off it still kind […]

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