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You’d Laugh at This Hotel Room, Until You Look Inside…

Some people love to travel and see the sights all around the world, and when they do, they usually stay in hotels of one kind or another. Whether they’re shabby one star digs or luxurious five star resorts, hotels usually aren’t the most memorable part of the trip, in fact, people usually just stay in […]

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[TF2 2016] Story How I lost my 1st Golden Frying Pan? Got Hacked!?

what’s up guys so let’s get back to the time when it all happened so let’s get back to the end of the year 2015 and it’s been a few days after Christmas actually and I somehow managed to trade up to my first golden frying pan in nearly under eight months of hard work […]

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Chicken in Milk?! | Jamie Oliver & Gennaro Contaldo

If that chicken was a woman would you marry it? Mm-hmm-hmm. Yeah. Just asking. Hello, you lovely people, it’s me. And Genarro. And we’re gonna cook a beautiful dish: Chicken in milk. This is a massive, massive recipe on JamieOliver.com. I did it in this book, “Happy Days with The Naked Chef,” a long time […]

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