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How to travel South America – Peru, Bolivia and Chile travel guide

Hi Boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen I’m Budi Loonen also known as the The Creative Globetrotter I’m traveling the world since december 2014 an on going mission to share you my travel experiences In this video I’m telling you how I travel from Lima Peru all the way to San Pedro de Atacama in […]

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a thanksgiving vlog

hello goodmorning and happy thanksgiving I mean it won’t be thanksgiving when this goes up but this thanksgiving is a little bit different for me because I’m all alone *round of applause* my family went to my grandparents but I didn’t go this year because I have work on black friday so I’m here basically […]

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Pork Bola Bola Soup with Misua and Patola Recipe

Welcome to Panlasang Pinoy How are you? I’m Vanjo Merano Today, I will demonstrate how to make a very delicious yet simple soup dish It’s called “Pork Bola Bola na may Misua and Patola” (Pork Meatballs with Misua and Luffa) here are the ingredients for this dish ground pork misua luffa, peeled and chopped yellow […]

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