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[Eng Sub] 180123 Yixing x Bear Electrics Slow Cooker CF

Are you guys all here? Work and studying are tiring? Use Bear Electronic slow cooker to make yourself a pot of chicken soup to reward yourself No need to watch it over. Healthy and delicious Bear Electronics slow cooker Bear Electronics

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Electric Griddle Repair – Replacing the Drip Tray (Presto Part # 85798)

Whether your drip tray is lost, cracked or has seen better days, we have the right replacement tray for you. The drip tray collects all of the excess grease as you cook your favorites like bacon, sausage or burgers. The tray simply slides into place under the griddle, but having the correct part ensures that […]

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How To Slow Cook Ribs

In this video we’ll show you How to slow cook Barbeque spare ribs over charcoal Special thanks to my friend Mario Who happens to be an expert Behind the grill (groovy music) It’s starting to get Red hot down there in the bottom That’s a good sign This little chimney works pretty good Just put […]

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