Tefal Ingenio Review – By Warren Nash

OK, so here’s my latest product review for the Ingenio range of Tefal Saucepans. So the Ingenio range offer a pretty generous helping of pans, including 2 different sized frying pans, 2 different sized saucepans, a wok, sautepan, 3 different sized glass lids, 2 plastic lids and 2 spare handles if you get the 13 piece set. Now whilst that seems like a lot, what’s
great is they do actually all fit into each other. So if you’re someone
like me and you only have a small kitchen, the great thing is that they don’t
actually take up that much space either. The reason they don’t take up much
space is probably one of the big selling points about this set – that the handle can be removed and
reattached to all the pans. All of the pans (apart from the saucepans) also come with a Tefal Thermospot which means you can see when they’re ready to cook on. They also come with a great non-stick surface. The lids also take up very little space
because of the fold-down handles. The great thing is
the saucepan handle can be reattached and attached when the lid is either on or
off as well. Furthermore, you can also use one
of the two-sized plastic lids once your saucepan has cooled down so you can stick your leftovers in the fridge. So to summarize, these are actually a great set of pots and pans because they all come with a great non-stick surface and are
available in a range of sizes. The handle also sticks onto them
really sturdily and generally, they are a pleasure to cook with.

5 comments on “Tefal Ingenio Review – By Warren Nash”

  1. The Vegetarian Baker says:

    ooh. I like how they stack. 

  2. Deborah Norwood says:

    I own these they are indeed very nice to cook with but the coating is not very durable just clipping the handles on to them will remove the coating, the handles should be fitted with some type of silicone seal to stop wear and tear on the pot it would also stop the rattling sound you hear when used. I also dropped one of the handles on the floor and the handle broke so the handles seem to be another weak point. They are also very heavy which I like but that might not appeal to everyone, depends on what you cook I guess; Also when buying make sure to buy the right set only one set works with induction (the set shown here)

  3. kim aquino says:

    hi there nash we do have that 2cm frying pan that is color red at the bottom hmmm is that old version on tefal ingenio and i want to bake a chicken into the oven can i use it??? looking forward to ur respponse nash and ur so cute muah

  4. kacknar doom says:

    I like the idea but I'm concerned the handle will become disconnected when you "flip" items inside the pans. Feels like something more fitted for very basic use.

  5. Axante Drijvers says:

    Hello Warren, I thought about buying these asa present for someone I know. Reading the other comments made me wonder if the pans are worth buying. How long until the coating of the pan gets damaged?

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