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Hi, I am Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, extract the crab meat from the shell. Remove the cartilage and break the meat into small pieces. Add the sake and toss to coat evenly. Now, beat two eggs in a bowl and season it with the salt and the pepper. Stir the crab meat into the mixture. Next, slice the long green onion using diagonal cuts. Remove the stem of the rehydrated shiitake mushroom and chop the cap into thin strips. Shred the ginger root slices. Now, add the vegetable oil to a heated pan. Drop in the long green onion, shiitake and ginger root and saute the vegetables. Season them with the salt and the pepper. When they are lightly browned, add the vegetables to the egg and lightly stir the mixture. And now, let’s make Tenshinhan. First, mold the steamed rice into a dome and place it onto a plate. Add the vegetable oil in a pan and swirl to coat it with the oil. Heat the pan until the oil almost begins to smoke and then quickly pour in the egg mixture. Gather the egg to the center while distributing the ingredients evenly. When the egg is half cooked, shape it into a circle. Shake the pan to see if the egg has reached the desired consistency. With a turner, flip the egg mixture over. Lightly cook the other side and then quickly place the omelet onto the rice. Now, let’s make the sweet vinegar sauce. To the pan, add the chicken stock, soy sauce, sake, vinegar, sugar and ketchup. Heat the pan on medium heat and stir the mixture. When it begins to boil, reduce the heat to the lowest possible level. Mix the potato starch with water thoroughly and then add it to the sauce. Quickly distribute the starch and heat the sauce until thickened. Turn off the burner, drop in the sesame oil and stir. Finally, pour the sweet vinegar sauce onto the tenshinhan. A tip to avoid the pockets of starch in the sauce is to reduce the heat to the lowest possible level or turn off the burner when you add the diluted potato starch. You can also cook only one side of the egg mixture, making the ingredients more visually appealing. Kanikama crab sticks, shrimps or scallops can be substituted for the crab meat. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. Sandy Tristan says:

    love it!

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    i like Francis

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    Is it okay if i don't use sake in this recipe? 😀

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    What can I substitute for sake? (non-alcoholic please)

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    Action packed episode! Impressive gong-fu, chef 🙂

  6. MightySarolfTV says:

    I like rehydrated Shiitake very much. Its a little like mushroom chewing gum. I didn't know there are electric pepper mills.

  7. Yan Jenifer says:

    I like her video.I feel she is cooking with love . 加油

  8. shopparinina says:

    now really she is such an amazing chef ! I love her
    I learned so many things from your videos, even though it is impossible to get many essential ingredients ( like mirin and shiitake ) in my country, and I cld not redo the recipes as they were but they were an inspiration for me to make many easy dishes that come in handy 🙂 thank you

  9. shopparinina says:

    me too hhh at that moment my though was: nope ! if I make it, i'm not flipping it

  10. Myplaylist says:

    This receipt must be eaten with a spoon?

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    Let me just say this is best served hot! Arigato!

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    watched the entier playlist hungry as fu**!

  13. Nasca Memorie says:

    Well, you can do it with tomatoes too if it's hard to find/expensive to buy shiitake.

  14. devin Lu says:

    omg looks soooooooooo Delicious!!!

  15. cosmic-expansion says:

    All I think of when watching these videos are that these are the exact dishes that I seen pokemon dragin ballz and ither anime as a kid.

  16. Phattarawadee Mathupayas says:

    That pepper bottle is so fancy…

  17. Quyen Truong says:

    Everytime she flips the egg over, I said "badass!" Lol

  18. osakacrzgoal says:

    I heard Tensinhan hasn't made in China

  19. Holion wei says:

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  20. J Riddle says:

    I made this with Oysters OwO/ sooo good!

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    WHOA SOME SKILL. I literally exclaimed out loud when I saw that flip. (haha :p)

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    Could you also use okonomiyaki sauce and it with some water?

  24. Channarith Lim says:

    I do love to watch all ur cooking performance… Could u show how to make shushi again?

  25. Indra Chendrawijaya says:

    What if i subtitute the crab meat with ground beef. Will the name still gonna be tenshinhan?

  26. greenpeach20 says:

    I will feed this to my child in the hopes that one day he will become a great, bald warrior that saves the world from aliens.

  27. Rondo Stephen says:

    u should go to 天津,the 天津饭 in 天津City is more better than it in the Japan

  28. Elaine Yamanaka says:

    adoro essa mulher cozinha muito!!!!

  29. Aimee W says:

    woahh chef! excellent flipping skills :DD and awesome dish :3

  30. Hoshiya Quilla says:

    Don't lie, your first thoughts were about Dragon Ball.

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    I am in love with this channel. How awesome would it be to be guests at her dinner table?

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  40. Mauk Madrigal says:

    Is there something I could use to substitute the sake?

  41. Thu Hoai says:

    great !

  42. Fan Zhang says:

    天津 is my hometown and this is so similar to a famous dish I used to eat when I was young. It must be very delicious! Home sick ~~ 

  43. Firelit 🔥🕊 Inspiration says:

    This is one of my favorite recipes I've tried from you guys so far. I LOVE the sweet vinegar sauce! Very delicious. 😀

  44. Serjo777 says:

    Can you pleeease tell me the name of the song that starts at ~ 02:00? And which band or musician played it?

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  59. youwuyou says:

    Japanese loves carbohydrates other than sodium. Damn, that is a lot of sugar! Imagine you put same volume of salt crystalline other than sugar in the sauce.

  60. Kallmann Choong says:

    Don't mean to stir up issue here but looking at the amount of oil in japanese cuisine compared to the western cuisine, we can now relate the rate of coronary heart diseases and its mortality between these two countries..

    PS: I loveeee both cuisines! Typical foodie here lol

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  70. meeserule says:

    I've made this dish many times now thanks to this recipe, and it's delicious. My family all loves it as well. どうもありがとうございます、シェーフさん ^^

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    you cant win them all but your a genius and a very nice person you are the best my favorite cooking show is cooking with dog these recipes are the best you deserve the best!

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