Tex Mex Chile Con Queso Dip ~ Chili Queso Recipe

This is a yummy queso dip recipe just in
time for the summer time parties and get-togethers. Guaranteed to be a winner! I’m Tess and welcome to my kitchen. This delicious chili con queso dip is an
easy skillet Tex-Mex appetizer or snack that is a definite winner. So let’s get
started! I have a pound of lean ground beef I’m adding to a medium-high pan
with a little drizzle of oil. Browning and chopping the beef and then draining
any extra fat if needed. Just a reminder that you can find this recipe and the
list of ingredients in the description box below. No extra clicks or going to a different
site, it’s all right here. Next I’m adding some onions, red bell peppers and a seeded jalapeno for a little kick, and this is optional. Giving that a stir cooking for a minute
or two. For the spices I’m adding salt and black pepper, and not too much salt as the cheese contains a good bit of sodium. Adding some oregano, cumin, Chipotle and garlic powder. You can substitute the spices for your favorite taco or Mexican
seasonings. Cooking and stirring for another minute to get those spices
infused. It is smelling so good! I have my heat on medium and adding some flour stirring and cooking for a minute to get the flour cooked out. Now I’m
slowly adding some chicken broth and stirring. It will start to thicken and I
may need to add some later depending on the consistency. This is a dip and I
wanted to be scoopable! For some additional color and flavor I am adding a
can of Rotel and that’s just some diced tomatoes and green chilies. I am also adding a can of cream of mushroom soup and giving it a good stir. I can see I
will need to add some more chicken broth to slightly thin the mixture to help
melt cheese and bring it all together. If you like this chili con queso dip
recipe please remember to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for future video recipes. You
can also find me and more of what I’m cooking on Facebook and Tess Cooks4u blog. Now the star of the show! CHEESE! I’m using a combination of cream cheese and the Velveeta. I turned my heat down to low and just stirring in the cheese until it melts. Instead of the cream cheese you could
also use monterey jack, pepper jack or a cheese of your choice. It’s all good! Once the cheese is melted I’m turning off
the heat and letting it slightly cool before serving. And this is the consistency that you
want. The queso dip slightly thickens as it cools. Garnished with
some finely chopped red bell peppers and serving with some tortilla chips. This is
also great served with fresh-cut vegetables. To keep this a vegetarian queso dip, you can use black beans instead the ground beef and water
instead of the chicken broth. The queso dip can be stored in the refrigerator
for a week and you can reheat by adding a little water or broth. This chili con
queso dip is so good! Here you go! You want a bite? Hope you give this one a
try. Until next time, enjoy. And Thanks so much for joining me here
in my kitchen. You can SUBSCRIBE here for my future video recipes and remember to
come visit me on Facebook. You never know what I might be cooking. Until next time,
Much Love!

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  13. joed596 says:

    Great video as always, Tess 🙂 Really great closeup shots, and very well composed and edited, too! 😉 I always enjoy having chili (in any form <lol>) and your chili dip recipe looks super-delicious! If I were to make it, I would use cheddar cheese, though ;-D Thanks, thumbs up as always, and hoping you have a great Spring up there in PA, Norfolk Joe xox

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