TF2 – LAST EPISODE! Scrap to 2nd Golden Frying Pan (Nothing to Golden Pan #09)

What’s up guys
I’m pretty sure there isn’t any reason to hide this anymore I just traded up to my second golden frying pan in less than 7 months. and I can’t really explain how happy I’m right now This pan means something, something more to it.. I finally lost the bad feeling that used to
follow me since I lost all of my items about 10 months ago. I finally consider myself a
real trader as before. Not just an idiot who was stupid enough to get scammed. Some of you may complain some of you may actually
be glad for this, but I got some news, trading-wise of course. I was thinking of actually quitting tf2 for some
time, at least and fully switch to csgo. And I might resell my csgo items in future for tf2 unusual overpay
again, but I feel like tf2 is slowly falling apart. It’s simply not what i used to be.
I’m pretty sure many people will disagree with me on this point but I’m pretty mad
on Valve for their latest decissions about updates. If you don’t know already. Not
long ago one of the successful hat creators made a hat. The hat got accepted as a single
class hat by Valve, however he decided to resuggest the same version of that hat, but in an all-class form.
Many people supported this idea of course, they liked the hat already, why not make it
all-class? Now it’s all on valve. Valve can now decide. They can decline the resuggested
all-class version, or they can simply accept it and get more money out of it. Indeed they chosed
the second option to make more money. I mean I wouldn’t care less if it was just one
time thing. But are you seriously shitting me? There is at least 1 at least 1 hat turning in to the all-class unusual. In my opinion it’s slowly getting
out of control. I mean just look at the list right now. I’m more than sure they will
add many more hats to this list in near future, but yea 45 unusual all-class hats, right now. And they
are currently accepting even more hats to become all-class. But yea this is one of the reasons. I’m deciding to quit tf2, at least for some time.. I’ll
for sure still do some tf2 content aswell but at least for some time I’ll switch to
csgo and for sure I’ll some make more videos about it. If you would have any idea for future
videos feel free to suggest me anything. I’ll keep on making the trading series, no matter
what so please suggest me anything, but something different than the trading series. Anyways
I’m afraid this is all for now. I hope you liked this video and if you did make sure
put the thumbs up and make sure to subscribe. Anyway guys. See you until the next one!

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