The BEST Deal on Chicken – EVER?! + Large Family Grocery Haul & Meal Plan! | 5/30/16

– Hey friends. So it’s another, bright
light out here, another grocery shopping day
at Aldi and we’re gonna go see what kind of deals
we can pull together here today and we’ll just walk
on into the store together. So we’ve got vine tomatoes are marked down to a dollar 29 for a bunch of them, Dave and I like these,
guess we’ll get two of them. And cantaloupe is only
a dollar 39 for one, so we got four. And real quick they
have boneless, skinless chicken breasts marked down to only a dollar 49 a pound this week. So I don’t know, I think
I got six or seven packs, but here’s the price. And I asked the manager
and they said that’s all they had in our
store, so I don’t know, it’s probably not a national deal. But at least at my Aldi today they it, I was able to stock up. So guys, I ended up
getting out of Aldi today for 198 dollars. I spent more than my hauls
over the last few weeks, however I got an amazing deal on that boneless, skinless chicken breast. To pick that up for only
a dollar 49 a pound, haven’t added up how many
pounds I got exactly. I know I got like six or seven packs and I think it was five or
six pounds a pack so I was able to really
stock up on chicken that we’re gonna use in a
whole lot of great recipes for, it’s probably enough chicken for the next month or more. Coming up on this week’s
meal plan, I’m gonna do a chicken broccoli rice casserole. I’m gonna do a stir fry. Now I was gonna get beef
for the stir fry for my large family style stir fry. However with this chicken deal, we’re having chicken stir fry. I’m also gonna do an egg
and cheddar and bacon bake. I’m also doing chicken noodle
soup in the slow cooker with some sandwiches on the side. And then coming up for
the following weekend, we’re gonna have a big two day hard shell soft shell and taco salad taco weekend. So that’s our meal plan,
I’ll give you more details and the links on all of that down in the description below. And now we’re gonna take all this home and I’m gonna unload it and do a
full price breakdown for you. Hey guys we are back and
I got everything unloaded to go over this haul with you. Just to recap real quick,
baby Daniel is behind me. You can keep going with your job, sweetie. Baby Daniel’s behind me,
he’s eating his bananas. Oh yes, he’s gonna talk to us again. Eating his bananas and his
cheerios, we got a lot of life going on right now. So, some of the kids are watching a show with my husband so I can film this. Some of the kids are
doing jobs, it has been super, super busy. If you remember from
last week’s grocery haul and meal plan, which I’ll
pop up a card here for you, I left a few of the days
towards the end of the week kinda open and freeform
cause I knew we had family coming in from out of state. We also, we did a big trip up
to the National Zoo yesterday for Gabriel’s seventh birthday. And now tonight we’re
going to a bonfire and a barbecue over at a friend’s house and they’re gonna have slip
and slide and water guns and all those fun things, too. So, I’m gonna go over
this grocery haul with you but you will probably see
some kids carrying laundry or standing on their
head or doing cartwheels or something exciting. So, let me just go over this with you. So, this week at Aldi. I got eight gallons of milk,
cause we were totally out. Milk was a dollar 83 a gallon. Eggs again were still
59 cents a dozen, and I got 10 dozen again. Now, a few of you have asked me if my Aldi has any limits, you know, some Aldi’s you can only get four gallons
of milk or two gallons, depending on the price. Some limit the amount
of eggs per household. So far my Aldi has not put a limit in it. But you know they may start to limit me, they may say hey, you mom of
a large and growing family, you can only get four dozen
eggs here a week or something. I don’t know, it hasn’t happened yet. So I’m just enjoying the savings
while it’s in front of me. So I also got two packs of mild cheddar. Also with the cheese, the blocks of cheese it was a dollar 69 for eight ounces. Or it was two 99 for 16 ounces. So it was actually
cheaper for me to go ahead and get the cheese that
was already shredded there. Yes, I need to get back
to my local Sharp Shopper. Also, if you’ve followed
my Sharp Shopper hauls, there I can usually get huge
like 18 pound rolls of cheese or however many pounds it is. I get cheese there for a
good deal, I get yogurt there for a good deal. I get brown rice there for a good deal. And like today at Aldi,
I had to get, I’ll jump over here and show you
since I’m rabbit trailing. The only kind of brown rice they had was this instant brown rice. Now this was only a dollar 49 a box and I ended up getting four boxes
because one of the meals this week is we’re gonna do
our large family stir fry. We’re doing chicken stir fry and I just am used to using brown rice,
so I’m gonna try this but hopefully here in the next week or so, I can get a large Sharp
Shopper haul in and get a 30 pound bag of brown
rice and a 30 pound bag of oatmeal however they have it bagged. And load up on some other
things, so I just like to grab my savings where I can. I also got two tubs of cottage cheese. A regular 20 pounds of
bananas, bananas were 44 cents a pound today still. Little thing of cheap spread. I got three packs of apples, these apples were 2.99 a bag. The tomatoes today were marked
down to a dollar 29 a bag. If I get off on any of my prices down in the description below,
click my link to my complete receipt breakdown and my
meal plan for this week. Also I got a little pack of blackberries, little pack of raspberries. The only reason I got these small packs is again, the barbecue we’re going tonight, we’re
gonna take some fruit. I also got four packs of strawberries. A nice big pack of peppers, this was 2.99 cantaloupes this week were marked down to a dollar 39 a cantaloupe, so I got four. Different recipes this week, I’m gonna use frozen vegetables. Whenever we do our cheese and
chicken broccoli casserole, this, I’m gonna use this steamed broccoli. We’re gonna also, I’m gonna use this bag of California melody vegetables,
and this pack of peas and this corn in the stir fry. I’m also gonna do chicken
noodle soup in the slow cooker. And I’ll mix in a little
bit of these veggies, I’ll probably save just
a little to go into that. These packs of sweet
onions were only 69 cents. So I got two packs. I got a thing of green
onion again, I got a bag of carrots again to shred in the stir fry. Also to put in the slow
cooker chicken noodle soup. And then over here some convenience items. I got five boxes of cereal. We’ve got cinnamon crunch
squares, crispy oats. Daniel, Mr. Daniel, oh
you’re out of those. Do you want more? Do you want more? We will, we will waddle over
and give Daniel some more. So we can keep camming. Oh, oh, yes, yes, yes. Let’s get you. Yummy Daniel. Is that good? Is it yummy to my tummy? Yummy to my tummy. Daniel’s little teeth like those cheerios. Okay. And then we got, I got
another thing of oatmeal. I got four boxes again of
this instant brown rice. I have no idea. And I would, I much rather would get it in the bulk bag. Also, on next weekend we’re gonna do our large family weekend tacos and so I got some various, got black beans,
I got great northern beans. And I got pinto beans. I probably will not use all of these cans, but I got them just to have them. These were 59 cents a
can and these pinto beans were a dollar 19 a can. I also got two things of chicken broth, I believe this was a dollar 39. And I got this to get me going with the homemade chicken noodle soup. Totally out of peanut butter and jelly. So we got two things of jelly,
two things of peanut butter. So we can get some of those peanut butter and jellies for the freezer done. Now, excuse my dishes in
my sink, that’s part of a busy Saturday here. Okay, chicken deal. Now they did not have a limit on how many chickens, chicken packs I could get. As I mentioned earlier,
I asked the manager and he said all they had
out was what they had in our store, so it’s probably just a local manager’s deal. But I liked to see that they have this so, I got boneless, skinless chicken breasts for a dollar 49 a pound. I added it up, I got about 24 pounds. And so I’m just gonna use
this in many chicken recipes in the coming weeks. On my, for my grocery
budget today, and on my grocery list today, I
was going to just get one pack of chicken. And then I was gonna get either some steak or some pork for our stir fry. And then this big pack
of ground beef for tacos, but when I ran into this
chicken deal, I just scooched that meat
money over in my budget. And I decided to plan ahead and stock up on all of this wonderful chicken. Because I have never
seen boneless, skinless chicken breasts for a dollar 49 a pound. You know I about hyperventilated. Got two packs of bacon. Because one night I’m gonna
do eggs, cheese, and bacon bake in the oven. And I’ll probably only use one of those, one of these for that
and then the other one can go with a breakfast. Just two quick bags of pretzels. Also, the only household
item I got for this week we’re getting low on diapers
and baby wipes and such. I got enough diapers for
this week, but I knew I needed some baby wipes. This pack of baby wipes
was only 3.49, again, I about hyperventilated. I just love to save. So I got that and I’ll do a video shortly stocking up on toiletries and
things for the coming month. Okay, I got seven loaves of bread. Bread was 99 cents, hallelujah. I got two packs of soft tortillas for soft tacos for next weekend. And I got six packs of taco shells. These taco shells were only 89 cents. So, for this week, I spent 198 dollars. Of course, that’s more than I’ve spent in the previous weeks at Aldi’s. But this is actually a
meal planned for about the next, let me count here, about the next eight to nine days. So. Oh, are you out of cheerios? But this is actually a meal plan for. I swear this baby, he starts making noises when I’m talking. What you think? What? He knows I’m talking to my camera. Daniel. Now let’s see, I’m gonna try again. Oh, okay, I’m gonna look
at the camera and talk. Let’s see if you make a noise. This is actually, hi. This is actually a meal plan for the next eight to nine days. So a little more than a standard week. We also got some extra items to chip in for that barbecue tonight. And I stocked up, I got
about a month’s worth of boneless, skinless chicken breasts for my recipes for the month of June. So I would say it was a fantastic
week of savings at Aldi. If you’re new here, this
is only my fourth time going to an Aldi, so I’m
like a kid at a candy store. Ha ha. I’m just so excited at the
savings that I’m finding. I do hope to do some
more stocking up though in those coming weeks. He’s smiling at me. Also, another new thing
is I have a brand new family favorites recipe
binder that I created, that is available over on the encouraging homeschool mom dot com. You’ll see it again in the
post that’s linked below. I had it recently in a bundle sale. And some moms have wrote
me and wanted to know where they can find it. I finally have it up on the site. So you can go over there
and take a look at it and purchase it if you’re interested. It’s 6.99 and it’s a binder kit. It helps you create a
binder to organize and store and come up with a systematic plan for your family’s favorite recipes. I will share shortly
when I, I will go through the steps of printing
it out and creating one and I’ll do a video just on
the family favorites binder. But you know it takes me a
little bit to get things done around here, I tell you. So for now, you can at least go over there and take a look at it. In the bottom of this week’s meal plan and grocery haul. And let me think, any other
important announcements? I can’t think of anything right now. Anything else I could possibly think of, I will share over on Instagram. Be sure to follow me there and on the encouraging homeschool mom on Facebook, and please sign up for my newsletter. In case everything else
crashes, I can talk to you then. So I will see you next time friends with another brand new video. God bless you. And you have a fantastic day. Bye bye.

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