“The Day After” Thanksgiving Skillet Turkey Chili with Cornbread Topper | Rachael Ray Show

I thought I’d show you a quick and easy leftover that you could serve for breakfast, lunch or dinner, after turkey day. It’s a skillet turkey chili and we’re gonna top it with cornbread, and we’re gonna top that with cheese, and if you wanted to serve it for brunch, you would scoop it up onto shallow bowls or a plate and top it with an over-easy or fried egg, yes. Yeah! Yes, alright, so, in the pan it smells very good in here because I start with six slices of bacon. So, chop up your bacon, get that going in your cast iron skillet, a girl or a boy’s best friend. Into the skillet I put one onion, a couple of jalapeno peppers, if you don’t like things spicy, use a bell pepper. I can’t see you, I won’t know. I use jalapenos, I use onion, I put some garlic in there. Once that sweats out and gets tender, the veggies start to get tender, then I’m gonna add my spices. A fat palmful of chili powder. Then we’re gonna add half a palmful of cumin and coriander, ’cause they’re best friends and they like to go together everywhere, especially into your chili. And then you toast that up by giving it a spin, ah, we usually have corn on the cob, fire-roasted corn kernels or creamed corn, ’cause my niece Viv loves corn, as did I when I was a child. Most of us have leftover corn, you can throw in anything you like but this is just my basic building blocks. Then, for the sauce, right, I’m going to add any leftover gravy and we’re gonna thin it out with a little extra turkey or chicken stock, or a beer. (audience laughing) And then we’re gonna throw in some tomatoes, then you’re gonna add your white and dark meat, leftover turkey. Mm. Then, you just let this simmer together for a few minutes, for all the flavors to come together, and we’re gonna transfer to a 400 degree oven to cook the cornbread topper. We’re gonna talk topper when we come back. (audience applause) I’ve got a homemade cornbread skillet topper, or you can just use boxed, I love Jiffy mix, my Mom swears by it, you can use a couple of boxes, you’ll need two boxes to top a skillet as large as this, heads up. Or you can go online and get our simple recipe for this, my friend Grant this is his cornbread, and it’s got a couple of brilliant twists. Everybody’s cornbread is made with corn flour and AP flour combined, baking soda, baking powder, usual suspects, a little bit of sugar. I add black pepper, of course black pepper to it, and what I think Grant does that’s so brilliant, is he whips in sour cream with the egg– I know, just like a sour cream cake, it keeps it so moist. And we combine these guys and pour it up on top, and then somethin’ real fun happens. You throw this in the oven at 400 degrees, until it starts to look just about done, and then we’ll show you what happens right after that. (Rachael laughing) (audience laughing) Okay, so you blob this around, spread it as evenly as you can, put it into the big dollops, whatever, you get the gist. Come on, I got one working, I’ll just turn that down. I’ll be back over there in a minute, I’ll come back and spread you out. Okay look, then you threw it in, no it’s fine. Then, wait for it, it didn’t happen yet. (audience laughing) Then you add cheese! (audience clapping) Then it goes back in the oven. (audience laughing and clapping) Come back and we’ll serve it up! When I take it to the table, I put some green onions up on top or minced white onion, my Momma likes a little onion on top of our chili, so this is over leftover turkey chili with jalapeno peppers and the cornbread topper, mm. Yes, please. Are you guys okay? (audience laughing) I know, everybody likes the leftovers better than the actual dinner in my opinion, at least in our neck of the woods. And there you go, ding ding, blue plate specials. (audience clapping and cheering)

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