The Easiest And Most Amusing Way of Making Grain Spawn

and today’s video team we’re going to
cover off making the easiest grain spawn possible it’s almost as easy as hitting
that subscribe button It’s quite hot in here it’s about 30
degrees and I think i’m getting a bit of a shine on the forehead. so to make this
grain spawn you simply need one kilo of grain, half a kilo or five hundred mills
of water, and one bag. now all we need to do open it bag up, get the grain into
the bag like so. now with the water get the water and on top of the grain. now
that is water and grain believe it or not. so you’ve always got to remember
there’s three most important things when making good quality grain spawn is, 1 – a
supporting family. Honey their dinner was amazing 2 – is good quality friends. go the
All Blacks, go! cheers mate. and 3- is a good quality pressure cooker or
autoclave. So I use an All American autoclave it is an amazing piece of kit
and being American is incredibly well made plus the best part as it comes in
240-volt Thank You America for finally making something and 240-volt so I sit my my autoclave in the corner
of my lab right here this is a brilliant spot because after it finishes its cycle
I can pull my own grain spawn bags and put them straight in front of my
flow hood to really decrease the chance of contamination. So what we’ll do now is
we’ll get out where we spawn bag into the air pressure cooker we’ll cook it
for 90 minutes. I generally do 90 minutes for on small bags and if I fill this thing right up i’ll take it up to three hours usually just really insure these are a
complete sterilization. But we’ll cook it now and we’ll get their bag out to cool
and we’ll have another look at it then. While you wait for your autoclave to
sterilize you can engage in activities such as playing with your dog, playing with your chickens or playing with your bees .all right so the autoclaves finished its
cycle and I’ve given it some time to cool down as well. So now we can go in
here and we can get our grain spawn out now notice I’m not wearing a mask and my Flow hood’s not on, just so the the noise is down here as it gets quite
loud. Usually that would be on, i’d be masked up, everything would be wiped
clean but for the purpose of this demonstration I’m just going to skip it.
There’s only one bag of brain spawn in here and for the demonstration if it
does get contaminated I’m not too concerned. So we go into my autoclave
and we retrieve a bag of grain spawn. now when you look at this you’ll notice that grains on the top will look dry and grains on the bottom will look very very
wet. Now the reason for this is obviously we never condition to the
grains before we put them in the bag we just threw the grain in there with the
water. But what that means is that after we inoculate it with, be it from
an agar plate, or a liquid culture, or perhaps grain to grain, so we innoculate it, but I’m going to skip that part for now, and we seal it, i’m going straight onto the sealing so that’s sealed now, and now what we do
after we’ve inoculated it of course we give it a good straight up. Now all
that wet grain at the bottom gets dispersed among the dry grain at the top just like that. And what we’re left with
is a mix of wet grain amongst dry grain and while that’s in your
incubation room the wetter grain, the moisture will actually leach out of the wetter grain and into the dry grain. and it will become quite even of moisture in there, and that will colonize nicely.

4 comments on “The Easiest And Most Amusing Way of Making Grain Spawn”

  1. M H says:

    Loving the kiwi humour. It's nice hearing a fellow kiwi voice on youtube

  2. Adam and his Apple says:

    "Go the All Blacks!"
    That gave this South African a good chuckle…. 😉

  3. Nick Durrant says:

    I like these videos, youre a funny bloke. What grain did you use, looks like rye? I tried a similar no soak tek with wheat and did not get a very happy result ahha

  4. Matthew Taudevin says:

    I have a little bit of trouble with contamination sometimes. I use jars mainly, just washed and oven sterilised jars that I buy from the supermarket. I’m not sure if they are prone to having small leaks in the seal? Sometimes I’ll have a good run and get some decent green spawn, other times I will get contamination. I’m considering going to filter patch bags..

    I loved your joke about playing with your animals!! That was hilarious

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