The Eric Gourmet Hour Episode 2: Trailer Park Pizza (Part 1/2)

Our Feature Presentation July 24 Pictures “That’s Amore” by Dean Martin July 24 Pictures presents Eric Gourmet Hour Trailer Park Pizza
Inspired by Angry Grandpa I’m already filming.
Alright… so we got the biscuits. We got Southern home style, buttermilk and then for dessert
similar rolls nice okay now we’re just gonna get a little faggot cheese
alright but first you need to apologize for what for ripping off angry grandpa
oh I dedicate this video angry girl he was a good man and I’m so proud and
honored to make his famous trailer park fucker
hey you vaginas fighter like a bitch vagina spider wife you know what you can
do you can suck my dick dry choose reduce fat low noise low moisture
how do you know and I said that as a question
because I never heard that type of cheese well even think of
Jesus I think the more moisture the better yeah I don’t know Gus celebrates
the death of bin Laden really yeah he goes to the cake shop and he’s like put
goodbye bin Laden I saw the one where there was like the
thing or it’s like mom has a new boyfriend oh yeah any like seems like
he’s about to kill someone but he goes to a store and yes you have to Kate like
say goodbye Tina and then there’s the one where he shows the first one where
he’s like mom got a new boyfriend he’s black he’s like good they say once you
go black you never go back dan goes doughnuts delicious you read
Ding Dongs and hohos know what I’ve had Twinkies you know I love that all all
these what I think that this one’s out all these powdered doughnuts yeah those
are delicious of singers I’m also not really a big fan
of those oatmeal pies but honey buns cosmic brownies I mean who doesn’t know
cosmic brownies I don’t like O’Neill so not many people
do I mean regular oatmeal is fine but like extracurricular shit Oh lemon meringue lemon meringue pie
always looks weird it looks like the bunker of my tent
Apocalypse Now final cut coming soon to a home there near you I
remember I went to this court but it’s really healthy cafe before and I ordered
a cornbread and I expected it to look you know like this just like normal good
cornbread they had actual corn in the bread I saw that like on a thing was
like struggle meals yeah you ever see what struggle meals are there like
poorly made dishes by people who clearly cannot afford to make out one of the one of the desserts I really
don’t like angel food cake never had it really like cake but it has like that
almond kind of flavor I just don’t like it at all I don’t like almonds so that’s
it doesn’t taste like regular almonds it’s like an almond extract flavor so
that’s probably worse yeah alright what else do we need to get we got tomato
sauce at home we got bacon at home and then we got Oh pepperoni all right we’ll
see at home yeah be nice I got you we get you you know where my
regret yeah I just started filming oh right now
like a horse I gotta go alright alright so we’re back home in the kitchen got
all the ingredients there so now what we’re gonna start with is we’re gonna
click the bacon so I already have this bacon chopped up from yesterday cuz I
made this yesterday so this is this what we have leftover bacon so I chopped it
up into about pieces like this big maybe and most of the fats just gonna render
and become grief so you’re eventually gonna put that you know out of the
pizzas so now I’m just gonna break this up a bit cuz you don’t want it to just
be you know cooking in a ball alright okay spread that out and now go wash
your hands because if you touch raw pork you don’t want to contaminate anything
else what if it’s turkey bacon its turkey
bacon that it is not real bacon yeah sure white Canadian bacon alright so my
voice is gonna be not as loud now because I am trying to vent on all right there we go you throw this away so while the bacon is flowing be cooked
I took from what may be it tablespoon of butter I don’t know yeah
but I rounded one tablespoon of butter just put it in here for a minute or
actually not a minute maybe 29 seconds yeah cuz butter betters gonna become
really you want to like boil in there yeah wow this is cooking I am going to
this is going to be what we put the pizza in in the oven and what I’m gonna
do is I’m going to first when the butter is melted I’m gonna baste it so it
doesn’t stick oh you used butter instead of olive oil well I mean you could you
could you could do olive oil you can do butter you can do Pam I know a lot of
people use Pam because it’s quick and easy but my opinion Pam it’s not in the
natural yeah Pam kind of sounds like an old woman
that’s all right so see Bacon’s turn to sizzle so you might have something like
this I’m just gonna take a spatula or one of those barbecue sauce brushes I
don’t know I like it
you can take one of these nice so these do get a little wet first good idea so
now what you’re gonna do come over here and you’re just gonna
ladder this up right you know nice even coats and you can always use more butter
if you want this is just to make sure you get a nice crisp on the bottom of
the biscuit but also allow the biscuit to come out nice without being stuck
yeah you gotta be careful you know who used too much butter so Paula Deen oh
well that’s not why she got fired doesn’t she race this to something yeah
fortunately she’s from the south right yeah I love South cooking show I love
southern food yeah I love Haiti that might be my
favorite food ya know better than Chinese food thanks it’s really good I
do have to say that give an anger Grampa prove the Chinese food so so and you’re
gonna want to get it also on maybe like the halfway point on the sides because
the biscuits do rise you know I mean the higher you do the better cuz you don’t
know how yes it’s a vengeance cookie only a shot
get a good shot like this and our leftover butter and now once the bacon is done cooking
we’ll be back so now I’m actually using a spatula to do the bacon and we’re
gonna get you wearing a t-shirt like me and anything like bacon sausage just
cooking a pan on fairly high heat you’re gonna want to put on not yeah I don’t do
that big ball of fat it’s probably gonna turn into very soon so just kinda wanna
every few seconds so you just gonna wanna alright so without further ado
we’re gonna now put the biscuit I got two types of disc it’s we were at
Safeway you saw we got then so one is the original southern homestyle from
close very and this included eight biscuits and the other is the buttermilk
southern homestyle now they fairly taste the same except I didn’t want to just
get two I wanted to mix it up this often ten days eight biscuits so you don’t
know how to open a biscuit it’s really fun so there should be a little fuel
thingy right here yeah so you peel these save this because you’re gonna need the
directions and by the way right now pre-heat your oven so hey this is gonna
go in for 375 and this is based off what the biscuits are so 375 pre-heat your
oven and make sure you turn the vent on when you’re 50 all right now we’re gonna
come over here and this is how you open the biscuit pops open
just hit it against the countertop so now we’re gonna come over to this try
not to be in your way but need to also get everything on camera yeah and now
you’re gonna take your biscuits okay and you’re gonna try making them towards the
center because we don’t have that many but if you get more than we did you
should you can definitely make enough this is just a very large pan so yeah
I’m gonna do what do you think three or four three I think right yeah I said
three you don’t want to perfectly touch them together you want to leave some
space just because they rise and you don’t want them to like turn a like band
or a function yep they expand they rise that there and you got to go in there two more in
here and then we got one more there see if I was the one cooking I would have
opened whoa Finn and I would have set it up like a checkers board so it was like
one and then the other one one than the other one
oh you mean they taste the same geez that I did all thought oh you mean
saying geez that I did and I cook biscuits a lot that just popped in my
hand that scared me honestly I thought I thought that was the bacon goes well I’m
gonna need to stir that in a second but swatch yeah here do that first it hurts
you want it to get nice and crispy yeah but you don’t like that big really
pistols reckon then you don’t have to make fifty so here’s what I like to do once I get
all the biscuits to make like an even pizza so this is actually four by three
so 12 is then I fill in the holes by cutting up some biscuits okay angry
grandpa didn’t do that in his recipe because he fortunately had the Jumbo
biscuits but in my area they don’t sell that particular brand of jumbo biscuits
they only sell his grands so now what I do is I just you can cut them or you can
just peel them really doesn’t matter he’s gonna take some chunks well in the
area Video ran long
Watch Part Two Link is in the description

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