THE GINGERBREAD MAN STORY ♫| Nursery Rhyme Song for Kids| Pancake Manor

Once upon a time there was a lady who
lived in a little white cottage in the countryside. This lady really liked to
bake cookies. Today I’ll bake something extra nice something with flour, sugar, and spice. So she got out her big mixing bowl and her big wooden spoon. Can I stir? Reggie, it’s just a story! Oh, I forgot. She mixed up the dough until it was just right. Then she rolled it out with a rolling pin. This dough is so flat and it’s soft like butter. I think it’s time for my cookie cutter. In a few minutes the cookie was done. Let’s get you dressed. Oh, what fun. look at the cookie I’ve got on my pan.
What shall I call him? Gingerbread Man! Gingerbread man, you’re good enough to
eat. I’ll work my way up starting with your feet. All of a sudden the Gingerbread Man jumped off the pan and before the lady knew it he had run right
out of the cottage. The lady ran after him shaking her spoon. Where are you going? Come right back! Turnaround cookie, I want a snack! Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Man thought he was safe, so he slowed down. Soon, he came apon a moustache man doing some stretches. He should have done a Shake Break™ True. Oh, hello there. Who are you?
My oh my, you look good enough to chew gingerbread man start running again Where are you going? Come right back! Turnaround cookie, I want a snack! Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man. This time the Gingerbread Man passed a lady in a bonnet, who was picking flowers Uh-oh! Good day, sir. Welcome to my land. May I shake your hand, or maybe I could chew your hand. Is that icing? Where are you going? Come right back! Turnaround cookie, I want a snack! Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man. Next the Gingerbread Man passed by a
monk who was just about to eat a big piece of broccoli. Suddenly I don’t like the look of my lunch. I smell something sweet and warm to
munch Where are you going? Come right back! Turnaround cookie, I want a snack! Run, run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread Man. The Gingerbread Man came to a stream but Gingerbread Men can’t swim. Do you know. Reggie? Because he isn’t wearing a
bathing suit? No, because he’ll get all soggy and fall
apart. Nobody likes mushy cookie. Luckily for him a fox was swimming in the water. Hop on my back, I’ll take you across the
stream. You can trust me. The Gingerbread Man was so eager to get away from the Baker, the Moustache man, the lady in the Bonnet, and the Monk that he hopped on the fox’s back without thinking! It’s getting deeper. Hop on to my neck. It’s getting even deeper. Hop onto my head. It’s getting really deep. Hop onto my nose. The Gingerbread Man could see they were almost at the other side of the stream. He imagined getting to the other side and making fun of the people who had tried to chase him. So, he hopped onto the fox’s nose. Oh, no! The end. Look, I have a gingerbread man. That’s so he doesn’t run away. © Pancake Manor 2018

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  1. Jennifer Rodriguez says:

    Where are you going come right back turn around cookie I want a snack

  2. Игорь Кудрявцев says:

    Only one word – GREAT!

  3. Snoork Gaming says:


  4. Breydon Kincaid says:

    Rip gingerbredman

  5. Becky Bradley says:


  6. Molly Craig says:

    Err on the side 😁❤️💖

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  10. Helen Soliz says:

    Thanks for getting this song stuck in my head 😑

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  13. Conrad Briones says:

    zero stars ⭐️ would be better

  14. Saneeka Tembe says:


  15. Abreham Habtemichael says:

    Whitch one did you think is the fastss

    A baker
    B moutacs man
    C lady in a bounet
    D monk

  16. Madhuri Arun says:


  17. Abul Kashem says:


  18. Thomas Pellegrini says:

    Ugi You

  19. Muhammad Rahman says:

    c c zzz. he masha

  20. Fidget Spinner1492 says:


  21. Kileighmarie Williams says:

    The lady in the bonnet was running weird

  22. Patrick Allen says:

    I thought the lady in the beginning was absolutely hilarious

  23. Millicent Ofori says:


  24. Fistbumpbros says:

    High production value (good work Billy and Reb!) and those (British, Welsh?) accents are genius. Great job!

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  26. Kileighmarie Williams says:

    Y’all made me hungry

  27. Robotoys TV says:

    Get VR

  28. s i c k o p a t h says:

    I just wanted to listen to Melanie Martinez…

  29. Tracey Walker says:


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  32. Angry Logos says:

    Gingerbread man: uh oh

  33. Angry Logos says:

    Where are you going come right back turnaround cookie I want a snack!

  34. Maria Lim says:

    What are you going? Come right back. Turn around cookie. I want a snack! Gingerbread man: uh oh! Don't eat me!!

  35. Moshianomm says:

    I don’t know why I’m watching this, it’s strangely enticing I suppose?

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  39. Kean Kean says:

    Mmj. Iln6 7yut

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  41. Junior Hendershot says:

    It is a story about agunderbradman trying to run away from everyone but the fox gated him

  42. isabella problems says:


  43. Luca De Checchi says:

    This song reminds me and the IRS, guess who's the fox…..

  44. Katie Gerrard says:



    0gs8wheeue 83

  46. Marisol aguilera baltra says:

    Yiiuuhjjjrjr=aaY sS. Oíyo también y it

  47. Jeanette Morgan says:

    this vid is funny

  48. Karitas Townsend says:


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  50. corcoranger says:

    Which song is this on the list from your album? I would really like a backing track version without the vocals so that my kids could sing along themselves.

  51. Abu Yasin says:

    Reggie:Can I stirr?

    Zach:Reggie,It's only a story!

    Reggie:Oh,I forgot….


  52. Gemghmay0 Wilson says:


  53. Amber Piccoli says:

    My son's absolute favourite song at the moment. I admit it's so damn catchy that I join in singing lol

  54. The Nick Hiltons Channel For Kids Content says:

    Pancake Manor My Favorite Video Is The Gingerbread Man Cause It Looks Yummy I CAN WATCH IT FOREVER CUZ ITS FAVORITE VIDEO

  55. lazyis hardwork says:

    this always made me sad when I was a kid. He might be made of gingerbread but a man dies, eaten by a wild animal. There were a lot of these kind of stories and fairytales I remember that were quite macabre. But this was well executed; errrghh, the groans are audible from here lol

  56. venture bullettrain321 says:

    This is my favorite thing of all time

  57. venture bullettrain321 says:

    This is the story of my life except the lady was not my chef it was a series of really bad wanna be cooks. Lucky me ;p

  58. Emeka Emeka says:

    Perfect 👌👌👌👌👌 y

  59. Shifra Magier says:


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  61. Chooliping Chooliping says:

    is that how you run mug

  62. بنين مراد says:


  63. NDP NguyenDucPhat says:

    Pancake Manor – Music For Kids Can you sub me?

  64. miguel miranda says:

    Cc you is not an history jkikkkkjju

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