The Healing Slow Cooker – Branzino Slow Cooker Recipe With Goji Salad

– Do you fear cooking
fish but love seafood? Well I’ll show you a foolproof way to make it in your slow cooker. I have some beautiful branzino here. It’s a low-mercury option
with the head cut off, but it still has the bones
inside, which makes it perfect to put right inside the
slow cooker like this. And even if you’ve never
cooked fish on the bone, it’s great ’cause this
piece on the top will just flake off and you can
discard the bones afterwards. So to start with this recipe,
we’re gonna flavor it up with some beautiful black kalamata olives. Now, olives are naturally salty, so I’m not gonna add any
additional salt to this recipe. I’m just gonna chop up the
olives and add that in, and olives are also
awesome in the slow cooker because they impart that rich
flavor to the whole meal. Next, is a flavoring, I
have some oregano here. The recipe actually
calls for dried oregano, but I happen to have
some fresh in my garden, so I’m just gonna chop it up, so either fresh or dried will work equally well. And the thing I love about oregano is its major antibacterial
compounds in there. Oregano’s great, if you have oregano oil, you can use it for a sore throat, but it’s also a great way to impart a Mediterranean flavor
into all your meals. Give the oregano a little fresh chop. Now if you happen to
have something like basil or rosemary or some other
delicious herb on hand, go ahead and use that as well,
or in place of the oregano. I just like the oregano
here ’cause I’ve got some Greek flavors going
on with the black olives, so it’s a really nice flavor combination. So we’ll just pop the
branzino right inside, and if you don’t have the
whole fish parts like this, you can use the filets as well. And we’ll drizzle with some olive oil. Now I’m not gonna add extra salt because the olives are already salty and we’ll just layer
those olives right on top. Now since we’re doing
fish in the slow cooker, you wanna use low heat because
the fish is very delicate. And the slow cooker’s a
great way to cook fish because it keeps it really moist because it’s a gentle, low cooking form. For the base of this salad, I
have some beautiful baby kale. It’s already pre-washed,
it’s so easy to use. Kale is an amazing super food. It’s bursting with Vitamin A,
Vitamin C, iron, potassium. Just a great thing to put in your body, one of the best greens, but
another good thing to start this salad with would be
watercress when you can find it. And if you have trouble
finding the watercress, or the baby kale, you can
absolutely use spinach. So to flavor up this
salad and give it kinda that Mediterranean twist, I’m gonna go and add some of this delicious fresh mint. And mint is amazing if
you suffer from IBS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
any kind of stomach issues. Mint has actually been
studied in clinical trials as more potent than a lot
of over-the-counter drugs. So really just a great way
to flavor your meals up, and it really has a nice refreshing taste. Next we have goji berries, you may not of heard of these before but goji berries are kind of like the cranberry
of the Himalayan Mountains. But they’re much richer in
antioxidants compared to something like a cranberry,
and they’re less sweet. They also happen to be
bursting with protein, super high in antioxidants,
and because these guys have to grow on the harsh mountain tops in the Himalayans, they
actually grow these antioxidants in the pigment of their flesh to protect themselves, but those are the things that
also protect your body. Next I have some balsamic vinegar. That’s how I’m gonna make the dressing, along with some salt and pepper and some extra virgin olive oil. And balsamic just has
a fabulous rich taste. Again, if you don’t have
balsamic on hand, don’t sweat it. You can use apple cider vinegar. You can use red wine vinegar, but I like that sweet, rich taste of balsamic. It also tastes awesome
with the goji berries ’cause goji berries have a
little bit more of a sour flavor, compared to like a regular dried berry, so I like to balance it with something a little bit sweeter like
the balsamic vinegar. This dressing is super simple. Just putting in this
extra virgin olive oil and you do want to shop
for a really good quality of olive oil because
that’s what gives this dressing it’s wonderful,
almost fruity, flavor. Then I just go ahead and I
add some balsamic in there. I’m doing salt and pepper, you can see how basic, how simple this is. But good food sometimes
is the simple food. And it’s all about
nurturing yourself at home, and giving yourself good
quality ingredients. So I added a little bit of black pepper. Black pepper actually has compounds in it that help you absorb antioxidants and keep them in your body longer, and I’m just whisking this,
I’m not even using a whisk. Again, if you guys have a
lazy way of doing something, absolutely go ahead and
do it because I know time is always a constraint,
so I’m just using these tongs ’cause I’m gonna toss in my
fresh vegetables right on top. Now if you happen to have some
leftover roasted vegetables in your fridge, you
could throw those on top. That would be delicious, and like I said, any kind of green would work in here. But you wanna stick
with super food greens. Now The Healing Slow Cooker
book is loaded with super foods. Those are foods that are richer in your everyday vitamins and
nutrients that you need, things like Vitamin A, C, iron. So how would this compare to something like a baby iceberg lettuce? Really, this would have probably
1,000 times more nutrition. So now the salad is ready to go and when our fish is ready,
we’ll serve it on the side, and it makes a great cool
companion to a hot fish dish, and it’s really colorful
and beautiful as well. So I hope you’ll try
this fabulous fish dish and see how easy it is
to use your slow cooker to make delicious healing meals.

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