The Hobbit – Part 6 – Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire

Bilbo had escaped the goblins but he did
not know where he was he had lost Hood cloak fooled pony his
buttons and his friends he wandered on and on till the Sun began to sink
westwards behind the mountain good heavens I seem to have got right to the
other side of the Misty Mountains right to the edge of the land beyond where can
Gandalf and the dwarves have got to I only hope they’re not still back there
and the power of the goblins I wonder if I should go back to look for them I’ve
got the ring but those horrible horrible tunnels but it’s my duty I must turn
back what’s that over in that devil under the
bushes people are talking ah there’s a Red Hood it’s Balin doing look out I’ll
give them all a surprise still got the ring on we go on without mr. Baggins we can’t
just leave him in the hands of the goblins he’s been more trouble than used
so far we might have chosen someone with more sense no he’s not a bad little chap
I wish you hadn’t lost him if we have to go back now
you know those abominable tunnels to look for him then drat him I say I
brought him and I don’t bring things that are of no use whatever did you want
to go and drop him for Dori you would have dropped him if a goblin had
suddenly grabbed your leg from behind in the dark tripped up your feet and kicked
you in the back then why didn’t you pick him up again good heavens
goblins fighting and biting in the dark everybody falling over bodies and
hitting one another you nearly chopped off my head with Glamdring and Thorin
with stabbing here and there and everywhere with or Chryst all of a
sudden you gave one of your blinding flashes and we saw that goblins running
back yelping you shout and follow me everybody and everybody ought to have
followed there was no time to count us you know quite well till we dash through
the gate guards and out the lower door and here we are without the burglar conf
us – Katie come here and tell me what kind of a lookout man let’s people walk
right in without a ward well it appears mr. Baggins is a first-class burglar
after all how did you do it oh just crept along you know very
carefully and quietly well it’s the first time that even a mouse has crept
along carefully and quietly under my very nose and not been spotted I take
off my hood to Yule Balin at your service your servant mr. Baggins what
did I tell you mr. Baggins has more about
the new guess after Bilbo had explained his adventures in the tunnels of the
goblins and his encounter with Gollum though he didn’t tell them about the
ring just yet Gandalf told how he had worked his magic
and allowed everyone to escape during the fireworks then he called everyone to
the task at hand we must be getting on at well now we’re a little rested
they’ll be out after us in hundreds when night comes on already the shadows are
lengthening they can smell our footsteps for hours and hours after we’ve passed
we must be miles away before dark I’m dreadfully hungry I can’t help it unless
you’d like to go back and ask the goblins nicely to this to have your Pony
back and rule against no thank you very well in we must just tighten our belts
and trudge on or we shall be made into supper and that’ll be much worse than
having none our sins must we go any further my toes are all
bruised and bent and legs ache and my stomach is wagging like an empty sack I
can’t see a thing a bit further what do we do
escaping goblins to be caught by warm up the trees quick mobile air behind again dory I can’t be always
carried burgers on my back down tunnels and up trees what do you think I am a
porter he’ll be eaten if we don’t know something be quick Tori and give mr.
Baggins a hand-up Dory was really a decent fellow in spite of his grumbling
he actually climbed out of the tree and let Bilbo scramble up and stand on his
back and to climb into the tree just as the Wolves trotted into the clearing
Dory jumped for the branches himself only just in time at least they can’t
climb trees they’re afraid of fire so let’s see how they like a burning
pinecone here’s another with blue fire how could
they have followed us already no doubt they had already planned for the rain
tonight and we just happen to be a damn big place the flames were leaping up into the
trees the bark caught on fire when the lower branches cracked Gandalf and the
others climbed to the tops of the trees a sudden splendor flashed from Gandalf
wand like lightning as he got ready to spring down among the dancing goblins
but he never and was gone the great birds that were with him came like huge
black shadows their beating wings smoked the goblins to the ground or drove them
far away their talons tore at goblin faces other birds flew to the treetops
and seized the dwarves who were scrambling up as far as they dared to go
poor Bilbo was nearly left behind again he just managed to catch hold of Dory’s
leggings as dory was borne off last of all they were all carried to a wide
shelf of rock on the mountainside the Lord of the Eagles was there speaking to
Gandalf he had heard the commotion in the forest below and had gone to see
what mischief the goblins were doing Gandalf as it turned out at once
rendered a service to the Eagles and healed their Lord from an arrow wound
saving Gandalf and the others had been one good turn for another food was then
brought which the dwarves prepared and soon Bilbo stomach was feeling full and
comfortable again so ended the adventures of the Misty Mountains that
night Bilbo slept curled up on the hard rock
more soundly than ever he had done on his feather bed in his own little hole
at home but all night he dreamed of his own house and wandered in his sleep into
all his different rooms looking for something that he could not find nor
remember what it looked like you you

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