The Making of Williams Sonoma Thermo Clad™ Cookware -한글자막

innovation of quality and craftsmanship are part of the William Sonoma legacy since 1956 we’ve been traveling the globe to bring our customers the latest culinary advances and now we’re proud to offer a premium cookware collection that we’ve designed ourselves after 60 years of history since Chuck Williams started coming to Europe to find best-in-class product this is the first time we’ve actually put our name on cookware and so we knew it had to be the best and so that’s why we spent so much time on the design the aesthetic all the way down to the package we started with to date concepts we’re drawn up they were rendered shortlisted and then progressed into 3d CAD modeling from the CAD modeling we can look at proportion and length and balance a bit more and then from the 3d then print physical prototypes so rapidly print overnight some hard forms that we can pick up touch and feel and apply to pans again we tweak those designs and the lengths and proportions to get them just right before moving to a more realistic metal prototype design the handles the lids and the bodies of the pans themselves to have the right organ omits the right weight of course great function we have jeweled lids which creates a cool to touch handle we also have rolled edges makes it easier when you’re pouring out your sauces the cookware it’s easy to clean it’s dishwasher safe and perfect for guests electric or induction lastly we also put the capacity H on the bottom so you can match the appropriate pan for the recipe that you’re trying to go we look multiple continents in multiple countries different types of producers small and large fortunately we found this Factory located in Italy in a small town there delino Italy halfway between Milano and bergamot it’s very close to one of the historic centers of cookware production it’s a small factory so we were able to have a very close relationship with the management all the way down to the people in the production line so we knew that we had the right partners to make our product which we think takes a great deal of attention details the pan itself is made from a thermo clad which is a layer of aluminum in between two layers of stainless steel this means it heats up significantly quicker generally what happens is when your cookware heats up quicker it happens at the expense of your heat distribution but not in this case in this case we have sourced with our partners an aluminum that is more pure than any other aluminum that is used in cookware today and as a result not only do you have this up to 35 percent greater heat conductivity you also have ultimate heat distribution to eliminate scorching and hot spots and you’ll notice that when you put this product on the stove you’re gonna notice it heats up quicker you can use a lower flame and the performance is truly fantastic it was important for us to design cookware that was the best in the marketplace we decided to create a cookware line to have everything that cooked the way we like to put and the way we know our customers like to cook I’m confident leads to the best line of cookware [Music] you

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