The Only Jeep I’d Buy

rev up your engines jordania says Scotty what do
you think of a 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee specifically the outsets 4.0 and a v8
4.7 variants okay not a Jeep fan these days but that was before fiatter taking
over the company those six cylinder four liter engines can run forever I’ve seen
those things with four or five hundred thousand miles the engines are fantastic
and the 4.7 v8 there are also very strong engines now the problem with both
of those vehicles and especially the v8 they are tremendous tremendous gas
hogs Jeep was one of the biggest traded in vehicles when some of these
places had cash for clunkers programs because they got such horrible gas
mileage and as they age they broke was like the most traded end vehicle on a
cash for clunkers program so that tells you something about it but if you’re
talking about an older one and it doesn’t have outrageous miles you can
get them cheap and it might be a nice Knockaround vehicle you don’t buy a
vehicle like that and think hey I’m gonna put twenty thousand miles on it
use it as an everyday driver now they’re not made for that if you want a weekend
coin you can find a good one with lower mileage a have some fun with it cynic
says Scotty what are your thoughts on 1989 honda CRX control
manual transmission i’m looking about okay those are great cars back in the
day it’s still running it shows that how well-made it was 31 year old car that’s
an old car if you want something as a Knockaround car and it runs on the
ship’s good doesn’t overheat you don’t see a bunch of smoke come out of the
exhaust burning oil when you’re driving it go ahead don’t pay much more it’s not
worth all that much money but don’t think you can buy a car like that and
drive a twenty thousand miles a year without spending a lot of money when
cars are 31 years old all the rubbers old you’re gonna have to eventually
replace it all depends on what you’re new you get it cheap it could be a fun
knock around card yes but don’t do like some of my customers and think oh I can
get a good price on that and then it gets good gas mileage and I’ll start
driving it as my regular commuter car no not a smart move because all that rubber
stuff is gonna start breaking and you can get parts for them cuz it’s odd yeah
but you got any fix that are a lot of the time I try to find something new or
if you wanted an everyday dependable car but if you want a fun little knock on
toy go ahead yeah just don’t pay that much they’re not worth that much money
when they’re that old and they’re just a run of them
not a product they mass-produced and I hundreds of thousands of those things
bar says Scotty I recently acquired at 2001 mitsubishi montero
sport 180 thousand miles says misfire and one of the cylinders I’m gonna do a
tune up but you’re not drive it till the wheel falls off or get rid of it well
that depends now you said you acquired it if you got
it for nothing driving until the wheels fell off if you
bought it hopefully in pay much for it because v6 Montero’s the engines and
transmissions with 180,000 miles are on their last legs and you will put a small
fortune in it if you did pay any kind of money for it I’d say get rid of it
immediately before you start throwing money into it do tune it up and pray
that the misfire is a spark plug or spark plug wire or something like that
don’t put any money into the engine if you find out the head gaskets gone get
rid of it immediately do not try to fix them putting a head gasket in one of
those v6 Montero’s and it can cost you anywhere from 1,200 to $3,500 and that’s
if the rest of the engine isn’t damaged so don’t go too far and if you get
misfire gone what the heck why not drive it till the wheel falls off if you have
no money or very little money involved in it I hope you didn’t pay much acorn says is it ok to spray at205 reseal on a CV axle boot to keep it supple yes the
at205 reseal is a rejuvenator of rubbers and really do anything to any other
materials but it’s great for rubber so if you’re spraying it on it will keep
the rubber rejuvenate its note won’t crack as much I personally do that on my
own cars some guys will spray em on the radiator hoses to here’s a caveat for
that radiator hoses as crazy as it sounds they actually crack on
deteriorate from the inside out you know in a car that’s 15 years on the outside
looks okay but the inside is all starting to go bad if you got a car that
old take one of the hoses off and look inside you see it’s all cracked replace
it then but for the CV rubber boots worn there’s really no pressure on them
there’s no pressure that’s pushing out like a radiator hose and they wear out
from the outside cuz the inside is coated with grease so yeah actually it’s
but I did keep them lasting as long as possible,
Bradley Nolan says I’m considering buying a 2016 Lexus NX with 80,000 miles
with the 2-liter turbo would this be a good vehicle
to last the 2-liter turbo is a smaller engine with the turbocharger on now
Toyota’s make good engines yes but there’s no way a turbocharged
four-cylinder engine will last as long as a normally aspirated 6-cylinder
engine there’s so much less I’ve seen those 6-cylinder Lexus engines
with 300,000 miles on they still don’t burn all out never seen a 4-cylinder
turbo good even half that before they started burning my joy so it can be an
OK car for driving around if you’re really baby cars but if you drive them
hard you’re better with a 6 it’s how you drive if you’re a real fast driver have
your foot on the accelerator I get a 6 I wouldn’t get a Ford turbo because it
will wear out faster there’s no doubting man Keith w says is a 2013 Ford Taurus
any good it depends on two things one the transmissions were somewhat weak you want if you think about buying one have a mechanic get his fancy scam tool road
test to check the transmission data to see if the transmission is good check
did somebody actually take care of it if it was taken care of it could be a
decent car now it’s 17 years old so one don’t pay much money for it’s not worth
anything it’s not it never be a collector’s item or anything if it’s got
like 150 60,000 miles it’s probably all worn out and I wouldn’t buy it at all
unless it was five hundred bucks or something but it was lower mileage and
mechanics said it was a good car could be decent just don’t pay too much money
for it nobody pays too much money for a 17 year old car unless it’s some kind of
collector’s item default skin 2018 says Scotty is it a good idea to run an open
thermostat that stuck my car seems to run well the thermostat when it’s shot
let’s the engine warm up faster then it opens up if yours is stuck
open you may not even notice the difference in the summer when it’s hot
outside cuz it opens up anyways you live up north it’s not gonna run well when it
gets cold because then the engine is gonna run too cold how you can tell
whether it’s gonna damage the car not it’s watch it’s a temperature gauge in
your car let’s say your temperature gauge normally runs right in the middle
if it continues to run right in the middle after it warms up sure it’s not
gonna hurt anything but when it’s really cold outside and it serves that stuck
open it won’t run in the middle anymore it will run way colder and an engine that runs cold is bad for two reasons one it doesn’t get up to
operating temperature it’s gonna get worse gas mileage but running at that
lower temperature can actually damage the engine bearings and stuff over time
now I’m talking about thousands and thousands of thousands of miles but now
let’s say you lived in Australia where it’s hot all the time as long as the
temperature gage ran in the middle of why you warmed it up it wouldn’t hurt
the car at all it’s the temperature gauge that matters you watch that gauge
and if it doesn’t run normal you’d want to put another one in cuz they’re made
to run best at the normal temperature they’re designed for not too cold
James Thompkins says I bought a 2016 camry xse with 45,000 miles after having
a bad experience with the 2015 Chrysler 200 C traded it in for the camry
and I’m happy smart move you know the Chrysler 200 C’s they don’t
even make them anymore they’re rolling piles of junk that’s one Fiat had taken
over and they had a lot of Italian parts I ran in one once just to see it they
were like I thought phenomenal gasps mileage I got 40 something miles a gallon
on highway arguing that but it was at any piece of junk and it was one of
those Fiat automatic transmissions and it shifted hordley even though it only
had like 12,000 miles on it so you made a smart move there I agree with you
you didn’t go from the frying pan into the fire he went from the frying pan
onto a nice couch that was a smart move 747flier says hey Scotty I never changed
the transmission fluid on my 03 Corolla with the standard transmission only
35,000 miles let’s shift great should I change it or leave it on okay
well it’s got a standard transmission so I mean you leave it alone now standard
transmissions are completely different than automatic transmissions an
automatic transmission as you’re driving the fluid dynamics shifted that goes by
pressures and the friction that’s in the fluid to make the car drive it has to be
clean it can clog up little holes not shift right a standard transmission just
has gears you’re shifting it with your own hands the only thing that goes on
inside a standard transmission is there’s standard transmission fluid and
it’s splash lubrication the gear spinning pick it up and throw it all
inside and it lubricates it by splash so it’s not that important that it is
perfectly clean now if you want to be a fanatic you
change the standard transmission fluid every 80,000 miles or something that’s
what I do my own cars it’s only splash lubrication it’s not
that important you don’t wake up 35,000 miles even though it’s 17 years old I
wouldn’t worry about it but when you get 80 90 thousand miles that changed the
fluid it’s easy there’s a drain plug in a template you drain it all drips out
then you go to the add plug and you pour it in until it starts coming back out
the add plug in it’s fault really simple job to do letting the plane ask hey my
mom’s car wasn’t a path the tornadoes in Dallas but she was on the edge a tree
limb fell and nearly crushed a car only came out it was dirt and leaves on the
pain crack casing I left taillight does anything else she should look for she
drives it around fix the taillight it’s cranked and stuff
you might get a ticket if you change some people’s faces it can be harassment
there as long as it runs okay and it didn’t get any water into the car you really
shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than the paint being scratched and
stuff like that you got lucky on that one because it didn’t crunch down a lot
of times you say that’s a 2015 Infiniti if they get a big tree on and they’ll
just total the car because the bodywork will be more than the cars worth being a
five-year-old infinity so at least you got lucky there and you can still drive
the car around I would say park further away from trees don’t park right under
the trees with big limbs on them things are falling down a crash around you when
we have hurricanes in Houston you know what I do I actually pull my cars out
into the front of the house on the street cuz it doesn’t flood where I am
but my driveway has big trees in it and I don’t want the trees falling down one
time we did have a tree fall right out of my driveway it was a long time ago
when I wasn’t a complete slob like I am today and my garage had enough room that my car was parked in the garage so it turns out to my old Toyota Corollas that
farmers parked in a garage one tree landed in front of it I
couldn’t get it out luckily I upside entrances to the garage
cuz it was blocked and I went I got my chainsaw cut it into pieces I could get
the car not always said the storms coming don’t get in your trees monkey
car away from what’s a smart thing to do so if you never want to miss another one
of my new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell

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  2. Andres Fernandez says:

    I need help. Changed distributor in my 2002 Silverado 4.3 v6. Did not disconnect battery when part was disconnected when we swapped distributor. A new code of P0341 keeps popping up. Runs very well, what do I meed to do to check it or fix it? I live in Spring, Tx

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  7. tonnhard says:

    Hi scotty, long time view first time caller lol. I have s 04 Murano fwd. 175000 miles on it. I have to put about a pint of oil every two week. other than the water pump everything is original. should I fix the motor or look for a new vehicle ? an suv or a small truck. I live in AZ its really hot during the summer and use the ac 6 months out of the year daily. Thanks in advance for the answer.

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    Do the Australians even know they're upside-down?

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    Unibody cherokee's (1992) weigh 3028 lbs with 5spd manual you get about 20mpg in 25-30 yr old vehicle. Not bad, with the miles I put on mine working close to where I lived, I figured out it was greener than a prius driving regular 15k a yr, and with plenty of parts in the junk yard, easy to fix and work on.

  21. _ ZAVALA says:

    2013 Ford Taurus is a 17 years old car? Mumm!! Who knew!

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  56. Grave Flower says:

    I had an 02 grand cherokee with the 4.7 V8. Biggest turd I've ever owned. Entire engine was destroyed and needed a complete rebuild. Got that done then a couple of months later the transmission died. Threw it away and bought something else. I'd never own that car or that engine again

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    Why would you buy an old jeep or honda as a knock around car? You buy older cars because you don't have the money to buy a new or newer car. If you have a nicer newer car, why would you spend money to keep an older "knock around car" that is going to need lots of work all the time? You would also have to buy plates, registration, taxes, and insurance for your "knock around car". What is fun about driving around a 30 year old car on the weekends?

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    No criminal history, no speeding tickets, no parking tickets, Semper Fidelis, United States Marine Corps.

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  80. Obd1andDown says:

    Scotty I'm a seasoned mechanic and you saved me a lot of time with the A/C blower motor trick on my mom's Versa. I Fonzied the dash and it started working. I really can't spare the time to deal with that sad little car so that was a life saver.

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    I took your advice we bought a 14 Toyota Sienna with 78 tho miles my wife put 20 tho miles in 10 months and no issues

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    I've had my 2001 Grand Cherokee for 13 years. 4.7 L V8 2nd owner bought it dirt cheap from an old fella who hardly drove it. Never had any major issues aside from the plastic radiator cracked and had to replace. Regular change of oil and It just keeps running. Lots of power and not bad for towing. Horrible fuel economy but my wife loves it and wouldn't drive anything else. So nah! I'll be keeping it until it doesn't run anymore.

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    88-91 Honda r still good daily drivers with great gas mileage since they were solid built. I never had any rubber hose issues with my 91 civic. Too bad I had to get rid of it since the cam shaft was bent since the previous owner drove it without oil 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  94. JW Productions says:

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  95. mark Finch says:

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    Hi Scotty, Jean here. I wish to know what you think of the Suzuki Jimny 2019 model? (I am struggling to log in on your website). By the way, I am a huge fan (-:

  97. Med 2020 says:

    Removing thermostat will ruin your engine never do it ur water pump will wear quickly and so do your cooling system


    My everyday driver is a 95 wrangler… I love it but the (Just Empty Every Pocket) holds true. Lol

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    I can confirm the 4.7 is solid when taken care of. And yes. Its a hog good god its a hog

  100. Trans am 2 pontiac says:

    2010 grand cherakee laredo here it has been a good vehicle after five years only the basic maintenance ALT, waterpump brakes 130,000 oh forgot heater core as well

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