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hello guys and welcome back to Salty Tales! welcome back to Salty Tales! today we have something that I really really like
guys! What is it? Short ribs! I love this thing! We have
a recipe for you guys that is really easy to make! Quick and simple … And they
come out awesome brother! Yes! As always I’m going to be filming, Mrs Ninja is going to be cooking and that other ninja will be doing everything else. let’s go for it let’s go! Okay guys so as
usual do not forget to bring your ninja so follow me and let’s go ahead and set
it up! Turn it on sear and saute open your lid and press Start… Will see
you back in five minutes and for this simple recipe we’re gonna use a
tablespoon of salt and some fresh ground pepper so at this point what we’re gonna do
things are new just being preheated we’re gonna put a little bit of olive
oil because we’re gonna go ahead and sear our beautiful short ribs and I’m
gonna use some of our better than bouillon which is awesome
I strongly recommend it that you try this is delicious we’re gonna use a
quart of a teaspoon let’s put them in here there we go oh…
Can you hear that? beautiful and now we’re gonna go ahead and put our ribs
this is gonna give them such a great flavor and also that beautiful brown
color here that sshhhh… Let’s put one Lets give it a few minutes and we’re gonna flip them
over and also on their side. Look at this beautiful brown color okay at this point you see here look how
pretty that beautiful brown color everywhere. We’re gonna go ahead and add
up a cup of wine. Please use regular wine. Let it simmer in the wine and all that
alcohol evaporate so we just get that beautiful flavor we’re gonna use a
teaspoon of garlic powder tbsp tomato paste and now we’re gonna add a cup of
beef stock but it’s the concentrated that I used before a tablespoon diluted
in a cup of water so let’s go ahead and pour it. Let’s turn them around and
that’s it let’s go ahead and set up our pressure cooker. Get your lid close your
lid pressure, high, thirty minutes… Always make sure your valve is in seal…
We’ll be back… Okay guys while this thing is getting
cooked we want to do some nice nice garnish for it…
All right this beautiful thing we have here is porchetta, pancetta, bacon…
Let’s cut this thing a little thick if you wanted this more skinny you better buy that just the bacon the way comes with this one ,we bought it like this way,
because we want to cut ourselves and make it a little thick. It brings a
lot of flavor and then you have all that crunchiness in there which is AWESOME! Now all we have to do is cut it in little pieces smaller the better… And here we have
these beautiful mushrooms just cut it in half… All right now it’s really simple we’re
gonna hit up this pan over here we’re going to throw the bacon there and then
we’re gonna throw the mushrooms in there and we’re gonna let them fall in love
you know… And it’s gonna come out kind of crispy which is exactly what we’re
looking for it’s going to be awesome for these ribs
let’s do it! All right Okay guys so
thirty minutes has passed by so let’s go ahead and do it quick release and let’s
see our beautiful short ribs… quick release is done so let’s go ahead
and open! Whoa look how beautiful! well guys these ribs came out awesome
Beautiful! Did you see that thing falling out the
bone over there? Man that’s exactly the And the color it’s just like mmm
YUM! so we did that sauce in there with the
bacon and the mushrooms and we put a little bit of parsley on top but it’s
looking awesome man I’m ready to try I’m crazy for it! Me too! Let’s go for it then!
Let’s do it! So soft… So soft… Look at this… Oh wow this is so good! This is SUPERLICIOUS!!! Guys it’s super tender… super beefy, really good! It doesn’t taste
like wine at all, no, really nice flavor! I mean! And you know what that bouillon? The concentrated? Try it guys! It’ll be in the description box if
you’re interested… It gives it such a nice flavor right! I Never saw that before but it
really works it’s a really nice flavor in there! Nice! So let’s give it a try man
I love it I am hungry this is dinner for me and for you too right? Guys this is DEEEELICIOUS brother! This is AWESOME! This is AMAZING! It’s crazy good! So tender! So flavorful! oh my goodness! And so simple! Right? Super simple! Four ingredients… that’s about it! I mean anybody can do that guys… Yes! right there then. The bacon the bacon
out of mushrooms! Lets see… mmm-hmm perfect combination… Very crispy… Really nice flavor… Pork is always I love it! We did it! We did it and it’s awesome! It’s amazing! I love it…
All right there you have it guys super simple recipe, yes, anybody can do it, if
you don’t have a pressure cooker instead of that you can put in the oven it’s
gonna be exactly the same thing… You might have to give it a little
bit more time of course, what about… 1 1/2 hours? Yes. 400 degrees? Yes because we put them in high and that’s approximately like 393, 380… Something like that guys and it’s
gonna be amazing really tender… really flavorful… look at
the color… but if I will be you get your Ninja! If you can get one of those
cookers because that thing is awesome I don’t know Ninja is a little expensive…
I love it… But it’s really worth it I should say that… Look at the colors in this
thing… Let me try to show it to you Look at the colors and look at
all the fibers and everything in there… Is so good. This recipe we took it from
Gordon Ramsay… he made it in the oven is really good too, of course it takes a
lot longer for him he was like 2 hours something like that… two three hours something like that… for us it was 30 minutes… 30 simple minutes! Beat that baby! Nobody can
beat that! Only the Ninja! and this is amazing so if you liked it please hit with the like…
if you want to see more videos like this one subscribe to this channel we’re
coming up with new videos every week and if you have anything to say anything in
mind any idea any comment any information you want to give away
whatever or at under on the comments guys… We read all the comments we answer all the comments. Yes we do! So there you have it share with your friends
let everybody know about this is a recipe! have a great dinner at home! tell
us how we did! And I love you! we love you!

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