The Tastiest Chicken Stew I’ve Ever Made • Taste The Chinese Recipes Show

Today I’m going to make
braised chicken with mushroom. Here are the ingredients:
whole chicken, dried shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, sweet potato noodles, scallion, ginger and star anise. First, we need to soak the shiitake mushroom. Put the mushroom in a bowl
and pour in some warm water. Soak for about 30 minutes. Whilst the mushrooms are soaking,
we can prepare some other ingredients. We can slice some scallion and ginger first, before chopping the chicken into pieces. This will keep the chopping board clean. First, cut from the thigh, and then break it down. Next, break the wings,
and chop the chicken into small pieces. Now we’re ready to stir-fry the chicken. Warm up the pan on high heat, add cooking oil, put in some star anise. Add in the sliced ginger and chicken pieces. When the moisture is somewhat evaporated, add in the soaked mushroom and sliced scallion. Whisk in cooking wine. Continue to stir-fry. Wait until the moisture is fully evaporated. Then whisk in soy sauce. Now, we pour in water, let’s use the water that the mushrooms have been soaking in. Be careful to not pour in the residue. Pour into the slow cooker after bringing it to boil. Set up to cook at low heat for 6 hours. If you want to cook it on the stove,
it will be around 20-30 minutes. We then soak the sweet potato noodles with hot water. This will soften the noodles. Open the lid, add in the soaked sweet potato noodles and enoki mushroom. And then cover the lid,
cook on a high heat for 30 minutes. If you’re cooking on the stove,
then you just need 5 minutes.

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