100 comments on “The Top Food Moments Of The 2010s Decade: Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, Hard Seltzers, and More”

  1. Shockwave _123 says:


  2. Jabari says:


    Small YouTuber trying to get to 2,000 subs.

  3. Louis Adam Vlog says:


  4. Nora Wagner says:

    I'm hangry :C

  5. Cooking with Shereen says:

    I had my first Popeyes chicken sandwich a few weeks ago. ✔️ off the list.

  6. Grace Martinez says:

    wow one min ago

  7. Louis Adam Vlog says:


  8. Louis Adam Vlog says:


  9. Enge says:

    can you give me heart?

  10. Jaime Astorga says:

    Hey person scrolling in the comments

  11. Wess Wesswess says:

    Who else luvs tasty

  12. suga walls says:

    Hurry up new decade an leave this trash behind😁

  13. R. DaNell says:

    If you don't eat em straight out the grease, the mayo turns the crunchy batter mushy. Eat it soon as you get it and oh boy…

  14. Killua says:

    Why tasty just why

  15. R. DaNell says:

    We called Four Loko "Quattro Crazies"… and yes, I only tried that mess one time and left it alone.

    They changed the recipe soon after that.

  16. Blonded says:

    Four Loko was popular before 2010 lol

  17. Avery the Cuban-American says:

    A nice rewind time of the decade. Wish this was YT Rewind

  18. AMY BEST says:

    Those that thumbs the video down, did you watch the video ? Small youtuber here trying to be like Tasty

  19. Ammaara Jeebhai says:

    Who else watches the tasty videos but never makes anything because their to lazy

  20. Carcaine says:

    So is this a Popeye's ad?

    I've tried to watch this three times and it's just so bad I can't make it through the first couple minutes. What the heck happened here?

  21. Bob Benson says:

    This shit sucked

  22. 【Cat】 says:

    Last time I was this early Matt had still short hair o.O

  23. Coco Moore says:

    I never tried the Popeye's Chicken sandwich but I want to one day. My brother tried it and he said it tastes like KFC and I was like what I thought Popeye's and KFC are different breeds, then I said Chris (my brother) does your taste buds not know what chicken is 😂😂

  24. Harlem Brown says:

    The black sista looks like she only dates white boys. #AWhiteWomanTrappedInsideABlackBody💯💯💯

  25. Cinnamon Bun says:

    Matt kinda looks like Tom Holland

  26. The Real Cody Bersick says:

    4lokos were life i remember getting shhmacked

  27. Jasmin Blum says:

    What is this ?! This is weird😂😅🤷🏻‍♀️

  28. Cinnamon Bun says:

    The way they say the numbers is annoying, but funny at the same time. It kind of reminds me of the Foot Lettuce meme, a while ago

  29. Hannah Lazarraga says:

    people who don’t like Popeyes chicken sandwiches are just biased on Chick fil a sandwiches

    Popeyes is better in my opinion

  30. Cinnamon Bun says:

    Is this gonna be show from now on? Because if that’s the case, I am not complaining. Just hope they have Rie host an episode or two of this show.

  31. Amani Hussain says:

    Like this for good luck

  32. vince hough says:

    Where’s the cake trilogy?

  33. G.G. Reilly says:

    If you're guy with a man bun hitting 'em with a six pack of hard seltzer, hell yeah bro, edgy af.

  34. Khyra40 N says:

    I wanna try one

  35. Blake Tran says:

    Wow seeing the four loko gave me a flash back cause the blue one makes your 💩 green lmfao.

  36. Jewella Calpito says:

    new faces!!!!

  37. Pendy_29 says:

    Four loko still slaps

  38. AnnaJacqueline says:

    This is cringeworthy.

  39. 달그닥요리 korean house meal says:

    Christmas 🎄 cupcake very cute♥

  40. lex joan says:

    bruh im drinking a four loko right now and they took out the caffiene, its really not bad if ur in a rush and on a budget, i wake up and i feel fine lol but i can say that i have had the old ones with caffeine and yes, those WILL fuck u up

  41. John Watson says:

    Got about 2:30 minutes in…but….no more please….I just can't….

  42. Brayden Keller says:

    You can't tell what video editor someone is using unless they don't locate a file. Adobe premier pro. 2:18

  43. wildarius Holder says:

    This is so cringe 😭🤣

    O yea don't y'all know one of the popeyes was actually putting cocaine into the chicken sandwich. Also People literally dying just to taste the sandwich popeyes nasty a** sandwich

  44. nmg1990 says:

    who remembers Joose before Four Lokos over took the malt liquor market

  45. nmg1990 says:

    I stopped drinking four lokos after seeing it on ‘Intervention’ in the background
    …plus after the caffeine was removed they were pointless

  46. Mafe Gomez says:

    i stan this show i just do

  47. cuisine de maman says:


  48. Victoria Garza says:

    Was expecting more from this video tbh

  49. Ken Gray says:

    Wait, you know the end of the 2010's decade is still another year away, right?

  50. Monique Mosley says:

    These people are entirely too talented for this kind of drivel. Step it up Tasty. I am sure you can find better material than this.

  51. GihanFineArts - Abstract ART says:

    Who’s been a LOYAL fan of Tasty before 2019?!♥️
    I’m trying to hit 4k!any help is appreciated🙏🏻

  52. Jesse Arseneau says:

    Media got unlinked in that Snapchat logo. Glad to see you guys using Premiere.

  53. Panagiotis Skartsilas says:

    Ugh politics 40 seconds in.

  54. MarioMadness says:

    Four loko isn't a energy drink… Its a malt liquor with caffeine !! obviously it would be banned by university lol

  55. yeafid Azam azam says:

    Hello guys who likes the video like here down

  56. Bastos Baboys says:

    Hey Tasty! This is such a great channel. We love the content in a news style, especially those around Popeyes. We’ve been trying to get our hands on a sandwich here locally but to no avail!

    Anyways we are new to the YouTube Foodie Community and are always looking for pointers and tips to get us going in the the right direction. Please give our channel a looksies!

    Appreciate the ❤️

  57. Cammeron Brock says:

    I don't like it dislike

  58. Kolton Bellamy says:

    I dislike this video weird news parody format. 🙂

  59. Top Yummy 中国 says:

    ok I see Popeyes 😜😜

  60. Aura Fathya Ramadhani says:


  61. Kristian179 says:

    umm no Boba?

  62. Joseph Angeles says:

    At the end of this vid, well who doesn’t love carbs? 😂

  63. Doaa A. says:

    👋 its a great world of food

  64. Gin Blanco says:

    Will there be a video on how to make the 2020 cake?

  65. luv_monay says:

    This was the dumbest 7 minute video ever and I love tasty videos 😐

  66. Sweet Lew says:

    This is one of your worst videos… This was so pointless… Please just dont… Please stop it…

  67. venom5809 says:

    This was a weird cringey video that had absolutely no flow at all. 🙄

  68. Penguinssss says:

    Tasty and Four Loko go together like toothpaste and orange juice

  69. PRO SLACKERR says:

    You guys are annoying

  70. Latosha C says:

    I thought Katie was Lindsay Lohan at first.😄

  71. Dom Turismo89 says:

    Shit is goofy byeeeeeee

  72. Dude says:

    I’m sorry but I hated the first 31 seconds of it, Imma head out

  73. Sarcastic Healer says:

    Wtf is this??

  74. Ann Marie says:

    Hope Tasty recognizes this video idea as a fail and doesn’t subject us to this again.

  75. Steph Louise says:

    bon appetit would never

  76. gameprojay says:

    this was cringe at first , but it actully was a cool video overall.

  77. Ashley Walker says:

    Who gave this the green light? This was legitimately painful to watch

  78. guynumber20 says:

    Those cups were empty

  79. Selena Goudreault says:

    This is worst than YT rewind 😭

  80. Ella Prior says:

    Would I make a crime for this PROBALY NOT

  81. Ӗva V. says:

    who are these girls?

  82. john santos says:

    tasty fell off

  83. shouq alharthi says:

    Stupid idea you gotta cut this series I don't think it's fun to watch

  84. PeterDaGreat says:

    2:17 :))) media offline ,, this decade editors worst problem ,,

  85. Madilynn Baker says:

    This video was incredibly awkward and all over the place. Not what I expected from the title.

  86. Favaro Leone says:

    2:17 premiere failed to render i see

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  88. Amelia says:

    Didn't really like this video 🙁

  89. skyscraper says:

    was this intentionally cringey?

  90. Chroniclesofvanity says:

    this reminds me of a video you’d make for a school group project.

  91. E K says:

    what in fresh hell, tasty?

  92. LockeTheCole says:

    This was legitimately cringe. The people are probably fine in something else but this is just bad. It's not entertaining cringe, it's just painful to watch.

  93. Danny G says:

    This was a cringefest

  94. Marc Thayer says:

    FYI your audio is super low compared to several other videos I watched prior as a baseline.

  95. Sonus Kwak says:

    They didn't even finish their list!

  96. feebeci says:

    These girls were way to smiley.. I don’t know if they’re trying to be funny . Or if they think that the fake smiles work .

  97. DG Kim says:

    No one cares about these people talking, we’re here for the aesthetically shot videos of food. Who are these random people and why should i care about them??? What makes their opinion worth anything?

  98. Mmathulo Sejake says:

    3 minutes in, my time has never been wasted this way

  99. Thomas Swardson says:

    This was the worst video I've ever watched. Katie is cringe AF.

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