Things to do in La Paz, Bolivia (Travel Guide La Paz)

The best thing about this place
is his back door Good morning from La Paz! You know as a first time visitor who
comes to La Paz this city could be a bit hustling and bustling so
it’s good to have a local like Ben who runs tours here in La Paz. This is Plaza Murillo and we have just across from us the equivalent of the white house which is why La Paz is probably the most
important city in the whole country The presidential palace just across
from us and of course with have a another square here which is a very popular spot for locals Also we have Parliament right over there
on the other side We are at an altitude of about 3,600
meters and we are in front of the stadium and this
is a special Stadium because of the altitude!? That’s right it’s where we beat
Argentina 6:1 with their best players including Messi! This skywalk is the link between Miraflores which is where the stadium is
and Sopocaci the two most important neighborhoods in
the center of La Paz. So we keep on walking and then we go to the prison! This is San Pedro prison which is run by itself right in the middle of
the city. So now we are in El Alto – right! Here you can find the best markets youn can buy everything on the cheap, fresh and it’s really a good place
to come shopping! Still in El Alto and in the streets of the shamans.
These are people who can read your fortune heal your health problems and just fix
anything you ask them to fix 🙂 And offer things to mother earth
as well. The best thing is his back door. So now we eat…? Tucumanas – fried empanadas with a lot of meat, beans – very tasty! really good! I decided to go down the building and this is why I’m here and this is Derren from Urban Rush he will now say what’s is about to
happen. “Well basically we will throw you out of a window!” You look like Spiderman. You have to do 2 practice runs just here and then take you down 50 meters face-first! I’m done with La Paz – now I’m heading to the south of Bolivia: Uyuni! Until then see you! before you leave subscribe to the
channel: leave a comment and check out the video from the world’s
most dangerous road

14 comments on “Things to do in La Paz, Bolivia (Travel Guide La Paz)”

  1. Gabriel Hein says:

    Viva LaPaz ciudad maravilla

  2. Pete Hufster says:

    Had a few assignments to La Paz during the 1990s working on aircraft. Looks like El Alto has REALLY expanded. Last time there I stayed in a private residence in Irpavi. Wait!

    Just looked thru my business card file and found the card for a restaurant Grill Choperia (gothic font and my old eyes can't make it out too well) at Calle 13 esq. Ovando Candia, (Irpavi) Telephone 721249 . La Paz . Bolivia. EXCELLENT German style food.

    The biggest problem in those days was every time teachers at the communist colleges didn't get paid on time there were anti-American demonstrations and riots. Had many a night it was safer to stay in the airport than try to go back to my hotel.

    Overall it was a good experience and I enjoyed it. Doubt I'll every afford to go there again. No more living on expense account.

  3. luvmia1 says:

    I know your video is a bit old. I lived in Cochabamba and La Paz. People don't ever say this, but they tend to get sick when going to La Paz unless you live in high altitude already. It's only a couple days. Then you're golden 🙂

  4. Andres says:

    Chevere video. Bolivia avanza a pasos agigantados

  5. Eduu blanco kishner says:

    Qué linda ciudad de lapaz bolivia gracias por el vídeo .

  6. brodster toaster says:

    i live in lapaz now

  7. Nora Nei says:

    Obrigado por me ajudar tudo que vi é explêndido sei que terei ótimas férias

  8. G CM says:

    Maravillosa La Paz!!!

  9. Antonio Metzelar says:

    I was hoping you would show the south side of the city of La Paz. That part is so beautiful! But thanks for showing what you did.

  10. Inspired Genious says:

    Attention travel tour guides…Next time visit San Miguel and also Achumani! Beautiful area that visitors need to see!!!

  11. G CM says:

    Thanks for visiting BOLIVIA

  12. Cris Perez says:

    Oooooh zebrass!

  13. Gonchix Catalan says:

    and telefericoo??????????????

  14. Gina Raimundo says:

    Are there lot of Bolivians in Bolivia?

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