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I figured I’d get a shot of the pool while it’s early in the morning so I’m not taking any video of people in their bathing suits, some people might look at that as a little creepy. The only problem is, it’s locked Adult pool section is closed right now for maintenance. So I was able to get in, another door was open on the other side… obviously… okay, a little note to take, we tried copilot again, and Again, it tried to take us down the wrong road We use copilot and another app together, just to double-check each other. Highway 12 is the safe route, and you take highway 12 to Schoen Road, which is where you turn. and there will be a sign right there that says “Encore RV resorts, Thousand Trails Paradise Resort” So you take that? Schoen Road, that is the safe route to take Schoen Road will take you straight into the Paradise Resort RV park campground. When you drive up, there’ll be a sign that says Plants Paradise Plantation. You just keep going straight ahead. The speed limit is 7 miles per hour. The sign kind of makes you think that you’re going into the wrong place because there’s not a thousand trails sign there, but you can’t really go to the left because that goes to another person’s house. So no worries, you’re going in the right direction. Then another way to know that you’re in the right location is When you pass that sign and you look to your right and you see this beautiful view. So here’s the map of Paradise RV Resort by Thousand Trails. Down here You can see that the yellow, blue and green have the water and sewer hookup as well as electrical Of course The blue just has 30 amp and there’s a quite a few of those but the again the yellow They have 50 or 30 and then the green ones are 50 only So as you take a look here this Lake area they call it a lake, but honestly, it’s just ponds There are very small They are stocked with trout and it costs $7 for a day pass to fish there You can get the fishing pass at the ranger station Propane station have a fish-cleaning Area basketball court volleyball court will go over all these I’ll drive by these and then the clubhouse is over here Barbecue patio the laundry is in the front side of that Clubhouse a play area playground pool is very nice And then you have some dump stations. Also if you get a site that does not have sewer hookup And of course up here is your ranger station. And yes, they do have a dog run dog run is however Quite a ways away from the campgrounds. It’s clear back behind this pawn So you have to walk around the pond to get to the dog run? So I’m gonna take you right here from the entrance and go down into the campground So I’m gonna go down through the middle right now where we are and go past the pool and the clubhouse Country store is open Thursday through Friday 11 a.m. 6 p.m. Saturday 10 a.m. To 6 p.m. Sunday and Monday 10 a.m To 4 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesdays they are closed Here’s where the propane Station is it’s kind of way back in the far right corner, and we got the maintenance shop here We have noticed lately that Thousand Trails has been putting in a lot of new picnic tables and grills I seem like they’re really starting to pick up on taking care of things here on the West coast anyway, we’ve been noticing that the last couple months There’s your first pond This is kind of an open area for tents you can see the playground up there picnic area the back side of the clubhouse You got your tennis courts basketball Court looks like it’s new. It’s really nice Terr is the court in the hoops in that Offense not so much but the court is really nice. And right here in front of us is the fish cleaning station and You are allowed to drive through here with your car and you can get up to the second pond which they call a lake The second pond that’s sitting up on the dam there on the other side of the dam That’s your best place to go fishing. If you are going to trout fish they do stock the pond regularly I came here. The first day wasn’t properly equipped and came back the second day and then I caught in an hour’s time I caught two trout a nice pan sized travel and three other small little fish So when you drive back in here you might think gosh am I supposed to be back here because that’s what we thought But the Ranger told us yes, you can come back in here and you can come up. Here’s the dam And if you come around this corner here, there’s a little turnaround spot right up here on the corner Walk up here to the dam and have to show you This area didn’t catch anything but when I came over here to where this little area is open by this picnic table Cast it out home about 30-40 feet worm on a bobber That’s when I started catching things little inside Secret tip don’t tell everybody about this secret fishing spot They actually just put that roof on that cleaning station yesterday put a sink in redid the whole thing a little differently So they are doing some updating around the area. There’s some kayaks on the map. It says tennis courts Right there, but I see pickleball as well The manager’s office here is right beside the store and clubhouse This is the Craft Center and family crowd area back there There’s Benny Fact this was really interesting. These people came up with a cage they put on the outside of their coach window So they have a little hole on the side open the window and the cats can sit outside Go in and out whenever they want some daylight Or I should say whenever they want to bask in the Sun Cats love to do that Thing they do have is some RV storage so You get in the situation you need you to store your RV? Have to get back the other side of the country real quick and take a flight. They do have some RV storage That’s not a cabin Neither is that There’s your cabins there are nice laundry facilities here machines are well kept I Like your style over there, it’s smells very clean Yeah, it does smells clean looks clean change machine Machines look really clean look like they’re fairly new Hey, I know I said it was clean but Khan get out of there Restrooms are decent. Have you checked out the women’s I’m not And good, yes, good. Alright That concludes our tour of the thousand thrills paradise campground in Silver Creek, Washington

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