Three Tips for Cooking on a Griddle with Bruce Mitchell

Three Tips for Cooking on a Griddle [INTRO MUSIC]>>BRUCE MITCHELL: Hey, I’m Bruce, the alligator
man, and this is my top three tips for griddling. [SPATULA HITTING GRIDDLE]>>BRUCE MITCHELL: First thing: Get you some
of these. Pan scrapers are alright, but these are the
deal. This is what you really need, get you some
of these.>>BRUCE MITCHELL: Another thing you need is
a water bottle. What I like to do, a lot of the stuff I’m
cooking, this kind of speeds it up and makes steam. [GRIDDLE SIZZLING]>>BRUCE MITCHELL: What steam does is cooks
your food faster. [SPATULAS SCRAPING GRIDDLE, MIXING FOOD]>>BRUCE MITCHELL: For some reason, it just
puts flavor into the food and just makes it good. [SPATULAS SCRAPING GRIDDLE, MIXING FOOD]>>BRUCE MITCHELL: Before you start cooking,
get all your ingredients prepped, cut up and ready to go because it don’t take long to
cook on these things. [GRIDDLE SIZZLING]>>BRUCE MITCHELL: And always cook more than
you need because when you’re cooking on one of these blackstones, your neighbors are
coming to eat with you. It’s a fact.>>BRUCE MITCHELL: Alright, we’ll see you
all later. [OUTRO MUSIC]

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