Tia Mowry’s New Mom Makeup Routine | Quick Fix

– Hi guys! So well all know that I have
a beautiful baby girl at home and when you have a baby in the house you pretty much don’t
have time to do anything. I don’t know when the last
time I took a shower… No, actually I did take a
shower this morning, thank god. But anyway, I am really
excited to show you guys my quick and easy
on-the-go makeup routine. First step, I’m going to show
you how I apply my concealer. So as you can see, there’s a
lot of colors on this palette and I know for me when I’m
looking for a concealer, I’m like, okay, “Which one do I choose?” ‘Cause there’s so many different colors. And for my eyes what I
like to do is just use a peachier color because
it warms up your face. It makes you look younger (laughs). And we all wanna look younger, right? So I’m just gonna just apply
it right up under my eyes. And you know, when you
do have a baby at home, you will have some dark circles. Maybe you don’t even have
to have a baby at home to have some dark circles. I also like to just put a
little bit on my eyelid as well. Just kind of like a little
bit what was left over. And already you can see
that this eye just seems as if it’s like nice and bright and refreshed. I look alive. (laughing) Another area on my face that I need coverage is around my nose. I am just going to apply it just kind kind of like around my nose. Especially during like allergy
season I have like allergies, my nose can sometimes get a little red. This color is more like my natural color, like an olive color. I don’t want to use the peachy color because I don’t want
my skin to look peachy. (laughing) We’re trying to get a
nice, natural look here. I have a mirror face, too. Do you girls out there have a mirror face? I feel like everybody has a mirror face. Mine is like this. For some reason I like to
squint my nose like that. You know who brought that to my attention? My sister. She’s was like, “Tia, why do you do that?” I’m like, “Do what?” She was like, “You have a mirror face.” And I’m like, “No I don’t.” And she’s like, “You go like this when you’re in the mirror.” Even my husband has a mirror face. Sorry, Cory. But I mean, when he’s in the mirror, he like, does like this. You know, like he’s like some macho dude. I’m like, “Dude, what are you doing? Why do you do that?” Now onto powder. So I like to use a mineral powder because it’s nice and light. And the kind of brush I’m
gonna use is a small brush. Sometimes if you use a really big brush, the powder goes everywhere,
and I don’t want that. So I’m just going to kind of get rid of some of the shine here. There we go. And just kind of like
put it all over my face. See, I’m doing my mirror face again. Do you see that? I like to use a small brush too because I can get up under
my eyes just like that. On my eyelids, by my nose, by my forehead. And don’t forget to smile. Don’t forget to look in the
mirror and smile at yourself. And you know what also I love to do? Whenever I’m in the mirror just like this, I also love to say this: “I love you.” And I think it’s important! You know, when you’re
looking in the mirror to just look at yourself
and just tell yourself, “I love you.” Why don’t you try it? Next up, mascara. What I like to do is, I
like to run my mascara just kind of like through
a paper towel like this so that your mascara doesn’t clump. Have you ever looked at
someone with a lot of mascara? For some reason, I don’t know why, but I open my mouth like this. And I’m like, why do people open up their mouth when they put on mascara? It’s like, ahh! Okay, Tia, come on. And again, this is like really
nice and easy and quick. I’m not gonna apply any fake eyelashes or anything like that. Kind of like shimmering the brush along my lashes so that
the lashes separate and they don’t clump too much. I don’t want to put too much on the bottom because I don’t want it to like run. I just kind of like put
a little bit on there. Just to get a little
definition of my lashes. Now onto my favorite part: The lips. Whenever I’m doing kind of like a quick, on-the-go makeup routine, I always like to go with a bright lip. Whether it’s a fuchsia,
or whether it’s a red, because I look very
finished and put together without doing too much. I’m just gonna line my lips first. I like to pull the lips a little bit just to make sure that the line
is really nice and straight. You don’t want like a ziggy, ziggy, jaggy line going on. So I’m going to use this lipstick and I like it because it’s kind of like a balm and a lipstick together. It’s gonna give me the color that I want without the heaviness of a lipstick. So I have a funny story
about putting on a lipstick. I have a twin sister, right? You know girls, we always
like to reapply our lipstick after we’ve had like a drink or two. My sister and I, we would never
have to go in the bathroom and apply our lipstick,
because we were twins. So basically, what I would do is, I would ask my sister
to stand in front of me and I will literally look at her lips and I would apply my lipstick on as if I was looking in the mirror. How freakin’ cool is that? That’s one of the perks of having a twin. Now onto my blush. I love blush just as
much as I love lipstick. But I’m not gonna use an
actual palette with blush, I’m gonna use my lipstick for my blush. And I’m just gonna apply just a little bit on the back of my hand. You don’t want to just apply
it directly on your face because oh my gosh that’ll… You’ll probably look like
a clown if you do that. You don’t know if you’re putting too much. So I’m just gonna kind of like dab a little bit, just kind of blend it like that. Never be afraid to make a
face when you put on blush. You can do all different types of faces. This is one that actually works. I’m telling you, it works. It helps with applying
it in the right place because you want the blush
kind of near your cheekbones and when you suck your lips in like a fish like that, you’ll find ’em. And then this is another one. I had a makeup artist tell me to do this and when she told me to do this, I was like, “Are you serious?” It felt so weird, but it works! So, I’m gonna do this. See? When I do that, you can get
it right there on the cheek. That’s not as glamorous as the first one. (laughing) It just looks so nice and fresh, you know? It looks like I’ve had a
nice, long night’s sleep. But actually, I didn’t. (laughing) So if you have a little extra time, what I like to do is, I like to use a chocolate brown color. And just apply it under my
eyes in the eyelid like this. And it kind of just gives my
eyes a little more definition. Alright, I am ready to slay my day hunty! Make sure you follow Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix for more episodes.

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