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Sawaddee Ka
welcome to hot Thai kitchen so today I am making Tom Yum pizza that’s right now
as brilliant as this idea sounds unfortunately I didn’t come up with it
this was first introduced to me way back when when I was in Thailand and Pizza
Hut Thailand came up with this menu item and I loved it today if you’re in
Thailand and you go to any sort of big pizza chain restaurant you can still get
them young pizza there but trust me this recipe is way better and if you already
know how to make pizza at home all you need is the sauce recipe and everything
else you already know how to do so it’s super easy let’s get started so the most
important component of this dish is the pizza sauce that is where the Tom Yum
flavor lives and for that of course we’re gonna need the Tom Yum Trinity
as I like to call them lemongrass galangal and kaffir lime leaves and I’ve
gone and chopped them quite finely so it doesn’t take me as long to pound them
into a paste and of course being Tom Yum if you want you can make it a little
bit spicy at a Thai chili or two now I’m gonna go in first with the lemongrass
and I could just pound everything all at once but I find that if I do a little
bit at a time it’s actually a lot easier to get them fine okay that didn’t take
very long at all and we already got the lemongrass quite fine the key is to
slice it really thin because you want to break up those long lemongrass fibers
and then the other stuff goes in and that is it that’s our base Tom Yum
herb paste now before we move on to the stove I’m gonna do one more thing I’m
gonna blend my tomatoes so I’ve got some can whole peeled tomatoes here you can
start with dice make sure it’s unsalted and I’m just gonna blitz it really quick
in the blender just to break it down slightly there you go just a couple of
pulses you can do this as a food processor I don’t need a complete puree
just so but just though it’s not like whole tomatoes anymore that’s it like that’s all it takes all
right so I’ve got some olive oil in this pot here and I’m gonna add some chopped
garlic and I turn the heat on ever so slightly and let the garlic gently
infuse into the olive oil olive oil does not have a high heat tolerance so you
don’t want to ever like cook it on super high heat okay so it’s had a few minutes
the smallest pieces of garlic has turned golden I’m gonna add the blended
tomatoes give that a stir the oils gonna float on top don’t worry it will get
mixed in once this is nice and reduced now we’re gonna add another really
really important ingredient we just tie chili paste Thai chili paste you can buy
or you can make it’s not that difficult and I do have a recipe which I will link
to and this is such an iconic flavor of Tom Yum Goong or Tom Yum with shrimp
that without it it’s really not gonna be the same so make sure you get a hold of
it somehow and Thai chili pastes are quite sweet in and of itself so you
won’t need to add any sugar or any other sweet vegetables like onions carrots at
all there’s also lots of shallots cooked down in that pace already as well now a
lot of people have asked me can you just buy instant Tom Yum paste which you can
buy in a jar sometimes and just add it to tomato sauce and the answer is yes
but the flavours not gonna be as good because obviously you’re dealing with
like an innocent paste as opposed to using fresh herbs and fresh ingredients
and also you’re gonna need to play around with the amount because that pays
already has salt sugar like msg like all the seasonings already in there so you
can’t just like substitute that paste for chili paste for example in my recipe
and then keep everything the same so it’s something that you need to taste
and adjust and now I’m gonna season this with of course fish sauce that’s
basically it for now I’m going to let this reduce until it’s super super thick
before we add our herb paste so about an hour
look how thick and luscious this sauce that is what you want you wanted to this
point be a little thicker then you want it to be at the end cuz we’re gonna add
some lime juice alright so now that herb paste that we made earlier goes in and
then I’m gonna let this simmer just to infuse all those herb flavours for
another three to five minutes and I didn’t add the herb pace way in the
beginning just because I find the flavors are a lot fresher when you just
add it at the end and you don’t sort of like cook it all away all right so it’s
had a few minutes to simmer I can really smell all the herbs coming through now
I’m gonna turn this off and then add some fresh lime juice
which is super important for Tom Yum you want that tartness right and then as
you can see it’ll loosen itself up into a nice pizza sauce consistency mmm there
you go let me give it a taste mmm Oh perfect
you want this to be tart because this is Tom Yum we’re talking about and you
really want to taste all the herbs that are coming through if it’s not spicy you
can still add more chilies at this point but that is perfect you can definitely
adjust with more fish sauce more sugar you think it needs it but I don’t think
it needs it anymore at this point all right time to assemble the pizza so I’m
going to show you how I make pizza dough but if you already have a pizza dough
recipe that you like by all means go ahead and use it or you don’t want to
make dough you can just buy dough already made some stores sell them or
buy the base already made if you want to make it super easy but I just want to
show you this recipe which I normally use it’s really quick and easy okay so
I’ve got bread flour here in this bowl I’m going to add a little bit of salt
and a little bit of sugar which is going to help the crust Brown better when
there’s sugar in it give this a whisk okay once you get that
thoroughly mixed in I’m going to add some yeast and when I make bread I
always use instant yeast it’s really easy to work with you’re going to put it
in warm water anything like that and then whisk that in so today’s
I’m gonna add some water and just a touch of olive oil and olive oil will
help keep the dough tender there you go and then with my hands I’m just gonna
stir all this together and get a rough dough out of it and yes you could
totally do this by machine using the dough hook but I find it’s so much
easier just quicker to just do it by hand so you don’t have to haul the thing
out in the beginning it’s gonna feel too dry keep kneading cuz the wet part is in
the middle and asks you coax the middle out it will eventually feel more moist
see and now it’s actually really sticky and wet which is exactly what you want
now at this point I’m just trying to get the dough to not be completely smooth I
just want the moisture to be evenly distributed throughout the dough so once
I feel like okay I’ve needed it I’ve needed it for like 30 seconds and it
hasn’t really changed in terms of moisture content it seems to be well
distributed that’s it that’s all you need to do I find you don’t need to need
any more than that it’ll be like a rough shaggy dough like this it’s totally fine
this is why I love this recipe so much it’s almost no need and it still comes
out great okay I’m going to cut it in half because
that actually makes two pizza I’m gonna put each one into a bowl with a little
bit of oil in it just so it doesn’t stick okay that’s it so now my
recommendation for the best flavor is you do this recipe the day before cover
it put it in the fridge and let it slowly rise in the fridge for one day
when you’re ready to bake it pull it out two hours before you want to use it so
that it can come to room temperature you will get a much better flavor
development all that time will develop flavor in the dough if you would a
really rush it you could just let this rice at room temp for an hour and a half
to two hours and just bake it right away but trust me
it’s really worth the extra planning to do it overnight so let’s talk toppings
real quick really simple I’m using shrimp which I cut in half horizontally
because they’re quite big if you’ve got smaller shrimp you may not need to do
that you can do chicken or whatever you want instead I’m using fresh mozzarella
and some sliced shallots this is optional you don’t have to add it and
oyster mushrooms which is a classic mushroom that goes into Tom Yum so
you definitely want to have some sort of Asian mushroom they’re just gonna oil
them a little bit so that when they are in the oven they don’t dry out oh my
goodness a huge one I forgot to tear so you want to break it down into sort of
bite-sized pieces like this so no whole mushrooms in the bowl how did I miss
that one and then if it’s really long I just pinch off the legs just so it’s
easier when you cut the pizza you don’t have too many big long things like that
so I’m gonna shape my dough right on the pan that I’m gonna use to bake the pizza
so that way I don’t have to transfer because we don’t have the big pizza
peals at home right so I’m gonna flour this quite generously
and then this is the dough that I made yesterday I’ve let it come to room
temperature for a few hours now so you want to give it at least two hours and
don’t worry about the oil it’ll all get needed in so I’m gonna flatten this out
into a circle ish and this is why I like to divide the dough prior to letting it
rise because if you let it rise in bulk you cut it now you’ve got a semicircle
that you’ve got a coax into a circle so it’s just easier this way but if you
don’t have room in the fridge definitely you can do that now I’m gonna flour the
top a little bit just so it’s not I probably put a little too much oil in
that container okay and I want to make sure i flour the
bottom too but you know what I’m just gonna flip it because you definitely
don’t want the pizza sticking to the pan now at this point your goal is to get
this stretched out to ten inches this is the site for for this recipe it’s
supposed to be ten inches and I know that my hands
eight inches so I just need to stretch it out couple and just more on each side
you can use whatever technique you want I just stretch it like this like I just
pull out the edges the edges don’t have to be perfectly round
in fact there’s something more delicious about a pizza that’s not perfectly
circular okay so I am gonna just make sure I flour the bottom a little bit
because sometimes I find I do get issues with the pizza not wanting to come off
the bottom because there’s not enough flour just so that I can be more certain
now the sauce goes on and that is it now the way I’m gonna
bake this I’m actually not gonna bake it I have my own way of making pizza that’s
a little quicker than baking I’m gonna broil the top for 2 minutes until the
top is nice and cooked the crust is golden brown and then I’m gonna finish
it off on the skillet to cook the bottom so the whole process will only take me
five minutes way faster than like baking it in an oven traditionally and I’ll get
the higher heat by doing it this way so we’ll trying to get as close to like one
of those woodfired pizza commercial pizza oven that gets super super hot as
much as we can so I got my broiler set on high preheated and the rack is at the
top top level so it’s very hot about 2 to 3 minutes depending on your broiler
and I find that you also might want to rotate the pizza halfway through because
a lot of broilers are really uneven this is the first time I’m using Adams
broiler so I’ll have to keep an eye on it and see see what it does in there and
meanwhile you want to pre-heat your skillet as well and oh by the way if
you’re gonna use this method make sure your pizza is not bigger than your
skillet clearly a hot spot in the back so I’m going to rotate that pizza that
front part is not getting cooked there you go okay look at this look how nice
that is and that has only been about two and a half minutes yeah hot so now I got
a hurry and transfer that onto my skillet that’s why it’s important you
flour the bottom cuz I’ve had issues before where I’m like trying to coax
this thing out and it’s sticking and it’s tearing so that flour at the bottom
is very important so this is going to take only another two minutes so all
you’re just check checking now is just how’s the bottom doing is it nice and
brown you can see it a little bit yeah that’s done no quick that was right you
don’t have to preheat the oven for hours you don’t have to wait for it
to bake for 15 minutes Et Voila! just gonna do one garnish of
cilantro you don’t have to if you don’t like cilantro but I think it adds a nice
color and flavor and freshness yeah look at that and now you eat and you want to
eat this now while it’s still hot I’m gonna just steal the shrimp and put
it on my I probably could have put more shrimp but that’s okay
check this out look at that nice the thinness of the dough’s exactly how I
like it if you want really thin you can stretch this out to a 12 inch pizza but
I think this sauce is quite strong that it does need you know a little bit more
dough than like the super super thin pizza yeah it smells just like them
young but with that charred bread aroma so good hmm seriously probably my favorite piece
of topping ever nice and crispy exterior but tender enough that you don’t have to
fight with it you know sometimes the crust is so chewy you’re like fighting
with it so it’s still nice and tender really
good flavor development that is from the slow overnight rise and it is just I
mean you still get that tomato sauce flavor that that you love on pizza but
you now have sour and spicy and the aroma of all those herbs the lemongrass
it is just amazing if you haven’t had a Tom Yum pizza this is an absolute must
try and it really isn’t easy I would make the sauce today in advance make the
dough in the day in advance and then everything just comes together really
quickly once you’ve got this prepped so the recipe as always will be on and if you want to join us on Patreon where you’ll get some
bonus content extra videos early recipes I’ll put the link with all the info in
the description box below and when you make this recipe send me a photo I
definitely want to see it on Facebook Twitter or Instagram subscribe to the
show if you haven’t done so that’s how you’re not gonna miss a recipe and click
the bell icon as well so you can a notification when I post a new video
thank you as always for watching and I will see you next time for your next
delicious Thai meal.

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  98. Atc Sang says:

    I think this is real combination between eastern food and western food.

  99. johnscott seim says:

    This gr8: the dough, the toppings and the thai flavor. You can adapt it to any toppings.

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