Tomato Soup in Pressure Cooker | प्रेशर कुकर में टमाटर का सूप | Chef Harpal singh

Hello Greetings, My name is Chef Harpal, If you SUBSCRIBE my YouTube Channel you will get interesting & unique recipes which you can prepare & enjoy it with your family & friends. To Subscribe my channel you already know what you have to do and if you click on the BELL ICON you will get instant notification of my channel because every week we add new recipes on our channel just for you. Many a times you wish to drink soup at home and a very popular soup is Tomato Soup which in India it is usually said as Tamatar Ka Soup. To prepare Tomato soup is so simple that if you have a pressure cooker at home then in just few minutes it is ready to serve. First of all, add 2 Tbsp Butter in Pressure Cooker, 1 nos Bay Leaf, 4-5 Cloves, 1 Tsp of Peppercorn, 6-8 Cloves of Garlic, along with that 1 Tsp of grated Ginger, We are making it spicy, Generally the soup which is made at home it should be interesting, also add 1 small Onion Cubes, along with that I will add 6 roughly chopped Tomatoes, add 2 Tbsp of Gram Flour in the Pressure Cooker, add salt according to taste & health by doing Namak Shamak, add 1 Tsp of Black Pepper, saute it well for 2-3 minutes, when you get a nutty flavor that means it is ready. We are making it at home so if you want to add more spiciness you can add red chillies but we have added pepper corn which will give twitch to your body, here we add tomatoes in the pressure cooker along with that we have also added black pepper. We have added Gram Flour because it gives the consistency to the soup. also add 1/2 small bunch of Coriander Stem, it gives a good flavor to the soup, add 1 cup of Water and mix well. Now close the pressure cooker lid and let it pressure cook for 2-3 whistles, till then all the ingredients will be soft and mixed, then will grind it in the mixture, strain it & then will enjoy the soup. Before that will let it cook properly, All the ingredients are well soft, let the ingredients cool down on the room temperature, it is very important because if I will not let it cool down, the mixture will come out at the time of grinding, so let it cool down for 10-15 minutes and then grind it at home. I will try blend it over here in small amount of mixture The interesting thing is that the flavors of hot spices like ginger, garlic, the mixture of all this spices will give you twitch in your body. That is why soups are interesting. So here we will grind it and strain the mixture. See the color has also turned up beautiful and the ingredients which we don’t need we can remove them easily. You will get a smooth soup. I will grind the rest mixture, when it is too hot it releases the gas so do take care of the steam. So same way strain the remaining soup. The amazing soup is ready, there is no need of adding cream or other ingredients to make it thick as we added Gram flour to make it thick & consistent. So add Gram Flour according and if you are allergic you can avoid adding it. The soup is ready to serve in the soup cups. This is my tasting soup cup, sprinkle some Black Pepper on the soup. Whether it is rainy season or winter season if you get this hot tempting soup at home then there is nothing else you need. It doesn’t take much time to prepare his soup, if you have pressure cooker then in just few minutes the soup is ready to serve. What an amazing soup it is! If the soup is sour in taste add a pinch of sugar to it. By the way this soup is all perfect because the tomatoes which we have selected are fresh & red in color. This way every time I will bring new recipes for you, So go and SUBSCRIBE my YouTube Channel and click on the BELL ICON the get instant updates of new recipes.

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  2. Narendra Kumar says:

    Aap laajawab ho

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    Thnx for testy tomato soap

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    You r the one of the best chef in World…

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    Thanks sir ji super h ji

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    Awesome sir👍

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    I tried yor recipes..they are so amazing

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    thank u paji

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    Sounds delicious and easy… Look so tasty

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    super easy ji I will try

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    It's too yummy n easy , thanks chef 😊

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    It,s looking yammy and taste thx chef

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    That’s a novel way to make it Chef..thanks….🌷

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    Looks soooo easy. Will definitely try this. As as my daughter loves tomato soup. This is the most simplest way I think. Thank you sir ji. God bless you.

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    Hi Chef Harpal Sokhi. I love Tomato Soup. Your Version of Tomato Soup looks tasty and delicious. Would go lovely with some bread or toast.

  18. Lucy Burrows says:

    Chef Harpal Sokhi you are making me feel very hungry for some of your Tomato Soup. You are the best Chef in the world. Your soup is making me hungry

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    That tomato soup looks really good. Comfort food.

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    Really awesome recipe 😊👍👌

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    Sir, English Please

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    Itni mahnut karne samay kaha hai?

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    Chef for thickness u can very well add 1 medium sized potato instead of gram flour


    Sirjee pranam…..mazedaar recipe…Sir jee please Awadhi mutton biryani traditional bilkul apne style me…indian foods ke king hain aap….ab to araj sun lein

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    बेहतरीन बदलाव टमाटर के सूप का ।
    वाह जी वाह,,,

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    This was the best tomato recipe i made it today it was so creamy and yummy without any milk cream butter was really impressed..thanks for the recipe

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    Truly said, "pressure cooker hai Ghar pe toh sab hai"..agree completely

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    Chef, plz share tomato rice recipe

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    Sir mujhe kitchen me Kam dedo

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    Sir , cornflour use nahi kiya aapne ….aur agar besan na ho tho …

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