Tray-Baked Chicken with Spiced Indian Potatoes | Jamie Oliver

Hi guys hope you’re well! We’re going to make
the most beautiful tray baked chicken with Indian spices and veges. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
It feels naughty but it’s really really healthy. It’s 3 of your 5 fruit and veg a day. It’s
really affordable and it’s a great dish you can get in 1 tray, whack in the oven, go and
do something for 40 minutes and then you’ve got a feast to feed the family. Right, so
it’s a really nice sharable dish. Pan on, kettle boiling water. Hack up some potatoes
about an inch diced. So into a tray we’re going to go in with olive oil. About 1 and
a half tablespoons. We’re going to go in with the mustard seeds and the curry leaves okay.
And I’ll just hold on the turmeric to start with. So along with all these lovely fresh
ingredients we want fragrance. Those amazing flavours of India. I’m going to use some ginger
here and get it fine. You’re going to get heat from that because ginger is hot. We’re
going to put in the ginger. You can move it around. Now I’ll get that turmeric in but
I didn’t want it to burn earlier. So we’ve got like 2 teaspoons of turmeric. So I’m going
to use 4 cloves of garlic on a gentle heat and we’re just bringing out the flavours of
all those things. Chicken thigh, I’m going to go skin on and I’m just going to have 1
nice big thigh per portion in there. So the potatoes here and I’m just going to let these
steam. They’ve been cooking for about 5 minutes now. So they’re tender. Next up all we’re
going to do is just chop veg, So roughly we’re going to slice up the veg into about 1 inch
chunks and what we can do is start just adding this as we’re prepping this right. So we’ve
got a lovely orange pepper here, we’ll have a red pepper as well. Full of lovely vitamins
and of course when they roast they go sweet. Onion, always in the base of so many dishes.
So I’m just going to roughly chop. I’m adding chilli now and this spice kind of combination
here is really mild. It’s spicy but it’s not hot. We’ve got some beautiful tomatoes, so
in we go. A lovely recipe, a nice start middle and end. We’re going to season it with some
salt and pepper. Last but not least, go in with the potatoes. You can imagine how tasty
this is going to be right. And then if we go and get our chicken you know, we’ve already
started frying that chicken skin. The bonus of this dish of course is that everything
just flavours eachother, Mix that around, amazing colours. You just know it’s going
to be good for you. Put the chicken on top so that is now going to bake in the oven for
about 45 minutes okay. So while that’s cooking I want to show you how to make a super quick
delicious mint, chilli and ginger yoghurt. Come over here and have a look at this. Simply
get a regular bunch of mint which is normally about that size. Just rip the head off okay.
We’re going to go in with about 150mls of good quality yoghurt and then we’re going
to go in with some chilli. We want a bit of heat there. We’re going to break up about
half a chilli is perfect. In with a tiny little piece of ginger and then a nice little pinch
of salt. Whizz that up, beautiful flavour, so fragrant. We’re going to squeeze in the
juice of about half a lemon there. And there you go. That’s the yoghurt sauce, time to
plate up our beautiful tray bake and look at that. Amazing colours, beautiful colours
almost looks like autumn, you’ve got the crispy skin here. I actually love to have like a
simple, a nice simple salad, you know just a baby spinach salad. I’ll use this, it’s
all washed and ready to go. We’ll go in with a couple of spoons of our lovely dressing.
Nice and simple, really nice contrast of colours. Little one for me, oh by the way! If you’re
wondering why I’m dressed up like this I’m going to parents evening tonight at school
so I’ve got to dress up and be a bit more smarter and responsible. You know now I’ve
got slightly older kids, I still want to keep an eye on what they’re eating because I’ll
always be their dad. But at the same time it’s quite nice for them to kind of help themselves.
Loads of veg, controlled sat fats, good quality meat, beautiful spices. We can finish it all
off with some coriander, you know you can put that yoghurt just in and around the lovely
roasted veges and the chicken and it works so well. Now let’s get a little fork and have
a little try. What we got here, a bit of potato, mmm. Nice delicate spices, you know the aubergines
are kind of soft but kind of spongey, really really good. And then excuse the knife, really
really good. Crispy skin, love it. This recipe is actually on the front cover of Jamie magazine,
if you haven’t seen my magazine this is in about 15 different countries around the world.
Click the link below and there’ll be some information about subscriptions and stuff
like that. Check it out its a beautiful beautiful mag. Until next time ciao, take care. And
wish me luck, at parent’s evening…

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  4. SC guy says:

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  38. giacomo bjerregaard says:

    Here's the recipe for the main dish

    800g potatoes
    Mustard seeds
    Curry leaves (handful)
    2 thumb sized pieces of ginger
    Chicken thighs with skin(per serving)
    2 peppers(orange&red)
    Red and green chill
    4 tomatoes


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