Trim Healthy Mama Freezer Meals for the Slow Cooker: My First Attempt!

– [Jamerrill] Okay, here we are. We have our kitchen table
loaded with lots of meat and some veggies and
freezer cooking supplies. And I am attempting to do 25 meals for the next, approximate, 5 weeks for my slow cooker. I’ve used the slow cooker a lot but I would love to be
able to open my freezer and have five weeks worth
of meals just ready to go. That would be wonderful! So, a few things to know. My husband is, he does
more of low-carb eating and I do Trim Healthy Mama which has some lower carb elements to it. Especially, for the S meals and I have more
information, on all of that, linked in the article of the
description of this video. So, I am doing five weeks of meals and I’ll be poppin in
and out with this video to show you how we’re coming along. Also, exactly what those meals are. Okay, Liam is a pepper
washing machine, right Liam? – Uh-huh, love you Mommy. – [Narrator] We have several
recipes, love you too baby, several recipes, go slow honey, we’re not getting water, several recipes for our slow cooker that have peppers in them, right Liam? – Uh-huh. – [Narrator] And it’s a snow day here, so Liam is just staying
in his jammies, woo-hoo. – Uh-huh. – [Narrator] And in the
slow cooker right now we have our meatball lasagna going. – Uh-huh. And Liam is washing these
peppers for some other recipes. Okay, so we are not
even quite to the middle of our first official slow
cooker freezer meal day. And right now I am labeling
bags like a wild woman. I just bought us a new 8 quart crock pot and the way that my math
is working in my head is for each meal that I do, I need two one gallon bags of that meal for one dinner in the crock pot and Liam is agreeing with me. What I did, since this is
the first time I’ve done this for the freezer first
and then the crockpot, is I went through my
mind and I found 10 meals that I felt I could easily
adapt for our family and even if they weren’t
promoted as slow cooker meals, I felt I could make them into
slow cooker meals easily. So I found us 10 meals and
then I’ve got enough supplies to make each of those 10 meals twice. So that’s 20 meals. And then when I was
looking at the calendar, I realized I needed meals
for the last week of January and also for the four weeks in February. Now hold on a minute for real life. Liam, I am so glad you’re agreeing with everything I’m saying, but listening to your noise makes it so I forget what I’m trying
to tell these mommies. – Well I’m trying to– – You are being a good encourager. Can you–
– Well I’m trying to say, I’m trying to say is when you’re talking, every time you’re doing that, I do mm-hmm. – I know, you’re agreeing
with me and I like that, but I need you to stop
that so I can remember or I’m going to forget and tell them to put something wrong in their food. ‘Cause these mommies are watching this because they either like
to watch Mommy make a mess or they might be learning how to put their food in the freezer, too. So, let’s see what was I saying. Looking at the calendar I realized I needed to make enough meals until my next once a month grocery shopping day, which we’ve been doing that for years. And there’s one full week left in January and then I have four
full weeks in February. So really I needed enough freezer meals for the slow cooker for five weeks. So my mad scientist plan is, I picked out my 10 meals
and I’m doubling those, so we’ll have those two
times throughout the month. That’s 20 meals. And then I had enough in my
freezers already poking around for two additional recipes
that I’m gonna double, so that’ll be 24 meals, and
then I’m hoping I can squeeze out a 25th meal with what I have left over after all of this, so I’ll let you know. By doing it that way, we
will have slow cooker meals for five nights a week,
five times out of seven, and then we will have one
breakfast for dinner night every week and we will
have one leftover night. We’re gonna do the
breakfast for dinner night on Wednesdays now because my husband, he can fry some eggs and make
some pancakes for the kids, and Wednesday is a day
that I’ve been working on extra projects for work lately, and then Saturday is my other day when I have a long work day and I thought that would be a great left over night. And heaven help us if we
don’t have a leftover, the kids can make some
sandwiches that night. It’ll be okay. So this is how far we’ve gotten. Let me tell you a little bit
about what is on this table. We have, oh I believe this
is 30 pounds of chicken, let me double check that. Yeah, we have 30 pounds of chicken, we have some sweet Italian sausage, I have about how many pounds? Show me the pounds! Probably about eight pounds of beef tips. I have a large pork
sirloin here to be cut up. We have a ham, we have a bag of meatballs, my other bag of meatballs
– We have bread. – I used, oh yes, the other
bag of meatballs I used. I had a recipe for meatball
lasagna that I’ve adapted, we’re having that tonight. And oh you’ll see all kinds
of other odds and ends. Pepperoni, cheese, lots of broccoli. We’re going probably, probably
eight of the meals or so are going to have broccoli
and that’s a family favorite. Zion has been my happy chopper, yay Zion. He’s been chopping peppers
for some various recipes. These are just bell peppers. – And I’m doing something. – Oh and Liam, now this,
Moms if you want to know about keeping your little ones busy while you’re having
your freezer cooker day, Liam, we have cut the tops
off of all the peppers and given him the seeds. So while Zion has been chopping, Liam has been helping
picking all the seeds out of all the peppers, right Liam? – Yeah!
– Yeah, okay. Another thing we did is we kind of slowly prepared this morning. I’ve dragged the meat out,
we’ve gotten other supplies out, I’ve gone over my recipes. You go this way, honey, so
you don’t trip over the wire. I’ve gone over my recipes
and we did a lot of that while Amelia was up. Amelia is our child who’s about to be two in a week and a half,
I believe, two weeks. So I put her down for her nap and once she went down for her nap, which we were really busy and we all, no, not in this room honey. I want you to go to the
bathroom and wash your hands. Not in here.
– Ow, ow, ow. – Did you put that on your toe? – Yes. – We put her down for her nap, because Liam is four,
he’s the other wild card. But I can handle him pretty much, but I thought okay, the two year old, she can go down for her nap and that way we can really work on
getting these bags filled. So my goal is before she
gets up with her nap today that we will have 25 meals
bagged and ready to go. And again, my plan is I’m gonna take two of these out, set
the in the refrigerator the night before from the freezer, and then in the morning
I’m going to dump them in the crock pot for the day and then we’ll have dinner that night. My husband, I’ve mentioned, he’s doing more of a low carb thing and I’ve been doing Trim
Healthy Mama for about a year, lost 30 lbs so far, and had a baby, and so all of the meals are low carb and trim Healthy Mama inspired, even if they’re not from the
Trim Healthy Mama cookbook. But they should all count as S meals. Now some of them, the kids
of course need more carbs, so several of the meals I have planned that they’re gonna have it over brown rice or brown rice on the side, we also have large baked
potatoes they can have. When I do things like
the meat ball lasagna, I’m just gonna do some whole wheat noodles and they can have that
on top of the noodles. What else? I have some quinoa that
I can have as a side with my meals if they’re not, some of the meals like the
sausage and the peppers, I can have that with quinoa on the side and that would be an E meal for those who are doing Trim Healthy Mama. So that’s it. We will continue to video
throughout our mess. Okay, what you see in
front of us here is my, makes total sense to me dry
erase board for February. This is for our family calendar. You’ll see Wednesdays
and Saturdays in blue. I have my work day written on there. That’s just to remind me at a
glance what I have going on. But this is just our family calendar, and honestly we really don’t
have that much happening. Most of what you’re
looking at is our meal, our dinner meal plan for the month. In green you will see, those are things when
we have to actually go, we have a family visitor. My husband and I teach
Financial Peace University on Tuesday nights, we
have our home school group and a hunting show. Of course, once a month
grocery shopping day, those kind of things,
but really not too much. Which for the middle of the winter, that’s just fine with me. And don’t be scared, you see
the last week of the month it has, it ends at the 28th and it starts again on Sunday on the 25th. That’s the last week of January that I’ve left up on the
calendar just for the meal plan because January’s almost over, and then starting at the
top we go through February. So I just wanted to show you at a glance how I plan our slow cooker
freezer meal dinners. So far I have just put for Wednesdays, that’s our breakfast for dinner night because that’s when I’m working all day, and then Saturdays since I work all day, that also is just a leftover night. That makes it really easy for mu husband who is in charge those two days also. We have Amelia’s birthday
on February ninth, so of course for that day
we have birthday pizza, and then on the 23rd
of February when I hope for us to do our shopping again, that’s an eat-out day. We will probably be the large family eating for less than $30 at Costco. Let me look here and see
if there’s anything else you could possibly want to
know about my silly menu. What I am working with is 24 recipes over the next five weeks. I went through the math of that because I actually have 25
meals planned for five weeks and I just kind of scrambled
them up through the calendar. Going over the next week,
the last week in January when I’m planning this, we have
beef and broccoli on Sunday, Mexican chicken on Monday,
sausage and peppers on Tuesday, breakfast for dinner on Wednesday, chicken fajitas on Thursday, broccoli, ham, and cheese on Friday, and Saturday is leftovers. And then going to the
first week in February, we have honey mustard pork on Sunday, we have pepperoni and chicken for Monday, chicken cordon bleu for Tuesday, breakfast for dinner on Wednesday, sausage and peppers Thursday, broccoli, ham, and cheese on Friday, and leftovers. And I didn’t mean to schedule those two broccoli, ham, and cheeses so close, but that’s just how it worked out. And then we start again
the following week, so.

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