Try 3 iPhone accessories from 100 yen shop. Cannot believe they are 100 yen! 100均のスマホグッズを使ってみた。

so we can cover the weak part of the
cable now we are making roasted beef so we have
to wait for 30 minutes to complete we are going to do next video do you often go to 100 yen shop Yeah sometimes I go there 100yen shop is the same as donky houte but it’s much cheaper you can get
everything but much more cheaper mm-hmm do you have something which you bought at 100 yen shop sticky markers it’s 100 yen as well I
also buy sticky markers as well yeah everything so and today I went to
100yen shop and I found some you know I got some items for smartphone okay yeah
and it looks very useful today I bought three items at 100 shop and I want you
to use that and review them okay okay good okay so let’s go okay so
I bought the three items At 100 yen shop this is
actually speakers but you don’t have to you know you don’t need you don’t need
any battery just put the phone here then this said sound would be spreading and also cable guard to protect cables
from this connecting like this like this you can protect your protect your cable
from breaking it this is very cute but this is actually fish eye lens
oh fish eye lens yes land for iPhone so let’s check the
function because so let’s try these three
items so you know please start with this this part is broken and I think this is common problem for iphone users, now I’ll protect this part with this one so we can cover the weak part of the
cable if you buy this one you can use the one cable for a long time it’s made of plastic it’s superlight so it’s portable okay now I will put the music on yeah I
think so echo is amazing totally different much can you take it out the last one okay? now I try try to take the video
without fisheye lens it looks pretty close let’s see how to change I feel it so distant how’s the quality what do you think it’s almost same it’s
a little bit worse 100 shop yeah but I think there is no problem you think is it useful it’s pretty
useful thank you for watching this video we are in trouble we will show you cool
things of Japan Umami of Japan if you like this video pls like and subscribe

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