Try making pie flour frying simple | CELEBRITY CBN

Hello all of you today I’m going to make flour tortillas So I have finished the cake I will try it now This cake is quite simple It’s very golden and fragrant, because I have chicken eggs in it How to do it simple but eat quite delicious I added just enough sugar, so it’s not too sweet Tastes like bread I just finished eating and I really love this cake To make cakes we need to prepare, flour, eggs, sugar My video is over, see you in the following videos

3 comments on “Try making pie flour frying simple | CELEBRITY CBN”

  1. Luther Burbank says:

    Looks like a pancake

  2. Luther Burbank says:

    Get maple syrup and butter

  3. Marga Danks says:

    If u put a bit of oil in the batter also with a teaspoon of baking powder ur pancakes will be a lot lighter for u

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