Try Not To Eat Challenge – Star Wars Food | People Vs. Food

– Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug. – I’ve taken some pretty bad
punishments here before and I just don’t know
if it’s worth it. – This is Star Wars to me. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) May the force
be with you, Star Wars fans. – Hey, let’s go.
– Hey, nice. – (FBE) For today, we are going
to show you scenes from Star Wars and we’ll present you with
some delicious food from the series recreated
by a chef. – Stop, really?
– Blue milk is what comes to mind. – I kinda hope we have
that weird bread thing that Rey makes
in the Force Awakens. – I’m a really big fan of
all the Star Wars movies. – I remember watching
the very– 4, 5, and 6,
the first episodes, when I was really young.
I was just entranced. – I’ve more gotten into it
with the revival of– with Force Awakens,
and Last Jedi. A lot of people hated Last–
I loved Last Jedi. Are we gonna have to do
this video with somebody else? – (FBE) It’s a trap!
This is a Try Not to Eat challenge. – This is so sad. – (FBE) So whoever can get
through four dishes and not eat anything wins,
but if you do try something, there will be a punishment
per food you eat at the end. – A punishment.
– Ooh, I’m scared of a Star Wars food punishment.
What could that be? – You guys practice on
the dark side, don’t you? – You’re gonna force us
to do this. – Ay.
– Can we start the food now? – (FBE) Here’s the first scene. – Ooh, we got some
newer Star Wars up in here. – It’s gonna be the bread.
Yes, yes, yes! Dang it, I wanna try this. – It’s like an amazing muffin. – That never looked appealing to me.
It just looked like a muffin. – I mean, the technology’s
very cool though. – (FBE) Here’s the bread
that Rey was baking. It’s so cool and our chef
took the time to also make it super delicious.
– Ooh. – What is this? – Ooh, did you wash
your hands? – It looks cool.
I like the spongy texture. – Ooh, it smells like
really sweet bread. Smells like a cookie.
– I’m strong. – I’m not.
I’m not gonna do it. – I’m trying to win
one of these. – But look how delicious it looks.
– Why are you trying to make me cave?
– Because I can win. No space bread?
– No space bread. – No space bread. – I’ve taken some pretty
bad punishments here before and I just don’t know if
it’s worth it. Is it worth the pain?
– It’s just a small pancake. – Unless it gives me
a bunch of midichlorians to become a Jedi,
it’s not worth it. – (FBE) Yes, it will, 100%.
– It will? – I’m not gonna try it.
You try it. – No.
I wanna try it. I’m gonna eat it. – Is it as good as Rey
would make it look? I think things she does
look so pretty and badass. – Pretty good.
It’s pretty solid. – Good thing I’m part droid
so I don’t need to eat. – (man 1) How are you
holding up? You all right?
– (man 2) I’m okay. – (man 1) All right, good.
– What was the food in this scene? – I also really loved
this movie too. – I liked it.
Cuttle clawfish. – Ooh, an egg?
– What is that? – I would never have thought
this one. – I mean, I’ve only seen
this movie once. – Me too. – (man) In knowing how
proud he would have been to see you here
following his example. – I love Emilia Clark.
– Yeah, could agree there. – (woman) When they get
their own ship. – I have no concept
of what that would be. – (FBE) So, this is a dish
from Solo. It’s a rich, poached egg yolk
with decadent salmon roe. – Salmon roe.
– I do enjoy the roe. – I do.
– You guys, I’m trying it. It’s the roe and the egg.
It’s hard. It’s really hard.
– That egg looks like cheese. I’ll eat it if it tastes
like cheese. – No.
I don’t know if it was worth the hopping
the fence for that. – I just wanna touch it.
I don’t wanna so much just eat it, as I just wanna
touch. If this was a try not
to touch challenge, I’d be failing.
– It makes me sad because it looks like candy,
but then if I try it, it’ll just taste like fish
and that’s not what I want with my candy.
– No, I’m gonna pass on this. – I like fish, but I have to say
the one fish I don’t like is salmon, so I’m–
it was a lot harder with the other one.
– Yeah. – I’m okay with this one.
– I mean, I’m fine. – So it’s salmon caviar.
Yeah, that still doesn’t make it any more appealing.
I like regular salmon. – Come on, it’s delicious.
You’ll never eat caviar. – Stop convincing me
to try to it. – Caviar’s so expensive.
– If you want it so much, you should have some. – (Yoda) Good, hm?
– That’s Yoda cooking. – (Yoda) Not far.
Yoda not far. – Oh, is this the soup? – What is he eating?
I don’t even know what it is. – It’s a bowl of soup. – This just makes me warm
inside just watching. – I don’t know how this one’s
gonna taste, ’cause they’re kinda struggling
on their own planet over here training.
They’re not gonna have a very decadent–
– Not so much. – (Luke) I don’t even know
what I’m doing here. We’re wasting our time.
– Oh, Marky. What extended universe book
did you read that was like, “He was eating tomato soup
in this scene.” – Ooh.
Much thank you. – (FBE) Here we have
a warm, comforting beef stew that Luke and Yoda
were enjoying. It’s so tasty and sure
to get you ready for your next Jedi training.
– I can smell it from here. – (FBE) I had it for lunch.
It was so good. – Yeah? – It does smell really,
really good. – But…
There’s a “but” in that sentence.
– But I’m trying to win one of these for once.
– This smells really good. – I’m using the force
to push it towards him. – I’m not backing down
from you. – I’m gonna raise a ship
after I drink some of this and I’m going to eat
some of it. It smells good.
– I haven’t had lunch yet. It does smell really good.
– That’s really good. – I’m holding off.
I can do it. – All right, well I’m eating
it all then. – Yeah. – It’s like, I wanna try it,
but right here it’s like, “Punishment, punishment,
punishment.” – I’m fine with it.
I just want soup. – What’s if it’s getting
sliced in half by a lightsaber? – That feels extreme.
– We’re gonna get force choked or something.
– Slice me now, dude. That’s delicious. – Okay, we’re strong.
– Yeah. – We can do this,
we can do this. – The force is strong with us. – Ah, is it the blue milk? (creature groaning) – I don’t–
– It’s so weird. – This never looked appealing.
– This never looked appealing. I’ve always wanted blue milk
until this scene. – Mm.
– You know, it’s fun fanservice, but they could have just
gone with a blue cow or something. They didn’t need to make it
that graphic. – Her face is just like
such an accurate reaction. – Exactly. – What?
That looks amazing. – That’s pretty cool.
Oh, and it’s got dry ice? – (FBE) Don’t judge it
’til you try it. I think any real Star Wars
fan has been secretly wishing for this.
Here’s the famous blue milk and boy is it good.
– What kind of– what flavoring is it?
– (FBE) Boy, is it good. – You’re just not gonna tell.
– It’s just milk. – I like the presentation
the best on this one. This is Star Wars to me.
– Nope. – I’m good. – I will try the blue milk.
– You’re gonna try it? – Yeah, you can have
the secret delicious dish. – Chug, chug, chug, chug, chug. – That’s okay.
I’ll save the rest. – Milk leaves a really
bad aftertaste in your mouth. – Out of anything, am I
gonna break for milk? I don’t like milk.
– But blue milk. That’s a Star Wars staple.
I kinda wanna try some. – I’m gonna be so mad
if the punishment’s not bad though. – Hey man, I’m a grown boy. – It sort of looks like
the really good blueberry lavender milk that I like
from Trader Joe’s. – What?
That sounds amazing. – It’s amazing.
As pretty as it is and intriguing,
I’m gonna have to pass. – Take your milk.
– Too bad, it was so cool. – (FBE) So, you won.
– I won for once. – (FBE) So, this is the clip
for the winning dish that you both will not
be eating. – [Bleep].
– Damn it. – (FBE) This is the winning dish,
so you will be able to partake in this
and Eric will not. – I’m so excited.
– Eh. – I hope it’s something good. – Oh my God, I’ve always
wanted to eat a porg. – You’re gonna eat
the little guy? Wow, okay.
You know what? I’m glad I just had
some blue milk. – Aw.
– I wouldn’t wanna eat one. – Totally. – Look at the porgy.
It’s so sad. – Aw, it’s so cute. – I love Chewbacca though.
I want whatever he has. Oh my God.
That was really funny. – (FBE) Here’s the roast porg
Chewie was loving. – Damn.
– Oh no. – (FBE) Don’t feel too bad.
No real porgs were harmed in the making of this video. – Oh, that’s cool.
– That’s so sad. – But it looks delicious. – (FBE) For losing,
inspired by the gross scene where Jabba the Hutt
eats a frog-like creature, here are frog legs for you.
– Ew. I’m really happy that I don’t
have to eat that. – Yeah, it could have been worse.
It could have been the person that Chewbacca ate
in Solo. – It’s standing up, too.
– Ew, God. – It’s like you just chopped
it right off the frog. – Ugh.
Very gamey. – That’s hot.
Why is that so spicy? This is for you, Jabba.
I don’t know if it’s a bone. – Ugh, aw.
– Ah, you can see it. – Just pretend it’s porg.
– Frog legs, pickled pig feet, where else–
I’ve had it all at this point. It’s so dry.
– That’s why there’s sauce, to dip it in the sauce. – All right, chow down.
– You’ve been waiting your whole life for this.
– All right. Ooh, it’s– – Oh my God.
No regrets. – Nope, not at all.
I almost really do wish you had a little mini porg
watching us while we were eating.
– Oh my gosh. – Thanks for watching me
try not to eat Star Wars food on the React Channel. – Subscribe.
We got new shows every week. – You will subscribe.
You will like this video and hit that notification bell.
Goodbye, guys. – Hey guys, Caprice here,
your React Channel producer. Make sure to check out
Twitter and let us know what you thought
of this video. Bye.

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