100 comments on “Tungsten Thor’s Hammer (World’s HEAVIEST)”

  1. the Hacksmith says:

    – Why didn't you melt tungsten?
    Because it's got the highest melting point of any metal – no mold could hold it!
    – How Ridiculous has a heavier one!
    Yes… But it's also like twice the size. We have the heaviest 1:1 scale replica
    – Use Osmium, it's denser than tungsten!
    It would cost $3.2M if you could even find enough.

    Other questions can likely be answered by watching our original video on the lead filled version, don't forget to check out all seven of our different thor hammers!

    Thanks for watching!

  2. Fishyboy 523 says:

    I thought the boring flame frower is so pose to set things on fire not its self

  3. yessi199 says:

    Are you Messi?

  4. Alyssa Shepherd says:

    can you give me your thor hammer some day

  5. Dead_opsGx x says:

    I just use like 2-3 different passwords for all of me things 😛

  6. willda gamer says:

    Whete did you get the hammer from

  7. vincent chase says:

    Should've been an electric effect.

    just sayin.

  8. Nimesh Parikh family says:

    Hack Smith biggest fan

  9. Nimesh Parikh family says:

    The best videos for marvel fans

  10. charlton wells says:


  11. charlton wells says:


  12. charlton wells says:


  13. Thomas Wiman says:

    To much talking

  14. Tan Yao Yang says:


    Normal person:furnace

    Hacksmith: lightsaber

  15. norsk ku says:

    In norwegian🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴 tungsten means heavy stone

  16. Mamorakane Nkadimeng says:

    I love your vedos

  17. Oh its Dooie says:

    That’s caps hammer

  18. tony cee says:

    What did he just sniff?

  19. dragonl0l says:

    Make a golden one

  20. Benji M says:

    Hey guys, Imagine a marvel movie by the Hacksmith + the Corridor crew

  21. Boy YT says:

    1:39 look at the first video it's said 18m second 17m

  22. radbarij says:

    I like how tungsten means… Heavy Stone.

  23. Samuel Adams says:

    I think he’s addicted to smelling salts

  24. O & A says:

    18:37 Fart

  25. Lennon Groover says:

    and apparently his real hammer in the movie and in real life weighs only 42.3 pounds or something like that weird because it looks so have in the movie

  26. Lennon Groover says:

    dang it i wish i had known about this before i fcked up my phone and lost my original instagram account on my phone and had to get a new one😞but hey at least my bff is following me on my new one and liking the stuff i post which is i think 10 too bad i cant really post much stuff not sure if its because of memory or what but my sister said that it doesn't require memory on a phone unless you take a picture from photos and load it to your phone then it would just be sitting on your phone like the other tons of photos screen shots and videos that i have on my phone i think the longest or largest thing i have on there is 31mb (mega bites i think is what it stands for or something like that but not really sure

  27. Jasmine Chantrill says:

    Can’t you just melt all of it and then just mould that in

  28. kabir singh says:

    I Think Nokia will survive every weapon…… ;D XD

  29. Samgaming 2306 says:

    Hacksmith is the new eitri

  30. Arti Lyngdoh says:

    You talk more than your work

  31. Lorenzocuarzo Rosa says:

    New suscriptor my friend

  32. Haroon Ikram Sheikh says:

    No one is talking about how his beard is growing through out the video

  33. Dev Angad Pannu says:

    Last pass helps you make passwords impenetrable

    Project Zorgo: im gonna end this mans whole password

  34. Dev Angad Pannu says:

    Make a substance as hard as Zuru metal from Thor

  35. GAMING GUY PRO says:

    Do that with storm breaker

  36. TheBlazeMonsters says:

    in Kg maybe ?!

  37. Iam Busy says:

    Brian Shaw will love to swing the hammer

  38. uttama devi says:

    Ma sisters hand does more damage to ma face then that hammer lul ;-;

  39. Octo_ Edits says:

    Is it me or does he kind of look like captain America

  40. Abid Hosain says:

    Love you brother

  41. CrookBoss AwwMan says:

    XD 1B Subs

  42. Bastien Levesque says:

    Where did you buy the hammers i have a project in mind and i would really need hammers like that one

  43. Shiven Mehta says:

    Love you hacksmith

  44. That Weird Kid says:

    😆 the flamethrower caught on fire

  45. Manas Waghe says:

    The flame effects are actually cool af

  46. Micah Brown says:

    now do stormbreaker

  47. Wanda Geonosis says:

    You look different uhhh……

    You look uh……

    You look…

    Iron man

  48. Kevin Welgas says:

    call out some pro armwresler

  49. Maxie _1253 says:

    Now i wonder will it break nokia?

  50. bledsoej101 says:

    If you want to get tungsten just buy some gold bars from China lol

  51. Johannes G. says:

    Spending so much money and time and still doing it so unprofessionally is ridiculous…

  52. High Ground Productions says:

    Why the fuck is lead still a thing in 2019? Lead and Mercury need to go. We should stop using them.

  53. ashour mekhaeel says:

    He needs mr.beast

  54. luke senido says:


  55. Vincent KV says:

    hack smith as a new avenger

  56. Rigby 19 says:

    He’s worthy

  57. Ezra Roloff says:

    18:38 he literally farted😂

  58. 49ersBoss says:

    Love your vids! Subscribed to you!

  59. hoot1141 says:

    Watching these guys lift the hammer was so uncomfortable. They looked weak AF and asking for an injury.

  60. Jerry Domiquil says:


  61. RExX says:

    18:38 Fart🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  62. gabriel24 *_* says:

    Esto es un poco de todo

  63. Jose Navarrete says:

    Like si vienes por un poco de todo 👍


  64. NACION JN says:

    Quien mas viene por un poco de todo

  65. GoldenIVXSuport 2 says:

    Un poco de todo?

  66. Tips and tricks Guy says:

    The Rock is the strongest person in the world

  67. HSeVeN says:

    Wolframium could word, but i don’t know if it’s cheap.

  68. Elijahgabriel Cruz says:

    That was very

  69. Kevin Siregar says:


  70. Sanu gamer says:

    See on 17:35 Both hammers having light weight that gun Firstly Pick this hammer with one hand than he Know that its not in script than He overact that hammer is too heavy lol😂😂🔨🔨

  71. 4FIVE HD says:

    im buy sum

  72. Funny 25M says:

    “And even throw a washing machine 4 meters”

  73. LowKey Cedow says:

    You should make a web shooter

  74. Mr. Meme says:

    Try to crush a Nokia phone… I’ll wait…

  75. Ferdy Tenedero says:

    Bro Thor lives in Asgard not Iceline

  76. Mike Harden says:

    Can u make mjolnir fly into youre hands?

  77. urvashi vaghela says:

    Can you make new weapon

  78. Aaron Gorton says:


  79. Aaron Gorton says:


  80. Aaron Gorton says:


  81. Aaron Gorton says:


  82. Jason Purcell says:

    Thor won wsm once hes been on the podium 7 times in total

  83. Darth Vaper says:

    Did we just forget about Brian Shaw

  84. EliteSpeedster89 The Flash player says:

    if u use lastpass then what if people get ur computer or phone and htne u hav lastpass and then they hav ur password and they can hack ur account THINK ABOUT THAT

  85. Stefan Woxmark says:

    Those "bodybuilders" where no bodybuilders

  86. Stefan Woxmark says:

    In swedish tungsten means "heavystone"..fun fact..

  87. thot langxuan says:


  88. John Obmar says:

    I thought you were gonna make a new hammer from scratch, not filling another one up.
    Could a mold made of sand hold molten tungsten?
    When it can't be poured into a mold, it's useless for most applications.
    Someone melted those tungsten block you got out of the box.

  89. Rekha Prasad says:

    Please Make Iron Man mark 48 suit

  90. Unbelievable Gaming says:

    Who is now using LASTPASS ?

  91. shinobi2119 says:


  92. Truxthz says:

    This guy should be in a movie.

  93. CJ Lene says:

    I was going to subscribe but you don't have a video of you in Iceland with the big guy lifting your 115 pound hammer but you're wanting to see if anyone can lift your lead filled hammer come to Wichita Kansas and i bet you can find Antoineto lift any of the 2 heavy hammers

  94. Poke Manger says:

    they need to hire this dude in the marine corps

  95. TimVanHulle says:

    Wow, I read the description about using Osmium. Basically a 73 pound Mjolnir would only cost around $430k. The downside though … there’s a worldwide yearly production of 1100 pounds used to fortify other alloys. But I bet if you ask Apple nicely they’ll give you a bit. 😉

  96. The Demolisher says:

    When you get a package don’t use a knife just chuck it across the room😂

  97. DiBBagE says:

    What is that pill he broke and smelled

  98. Alex Shimkus says:

    How much for the 75 pound one?

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